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Quite the Honor (Week 92)

March 20, 2013

Hello Family!

Its been another great yet busy week here in Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Its been Rainy here all week. ALL week. Finally things are starting to clear up but we have been wet and cold. On Monday I was sick. We had a pretty boring pday cuz i slept alot since i wasnt feeling well. I cut my hair. And we cleaned. and that was about it. Then on thursday we went to sevilla becuase on friday morning we had a conference with President Deere. He taught us some of the same things that they taught us in the Trainers Training and we also talked about prayer. It was a great meeting and then we had interviews with president mine lasted 3 minutes because we were going to miss our train. President even tried to drive me and my companion to the station but we still missed it. so we didnt end up getting back untill late friday night. We had lots of time out of the area this week for that but its ok. This weekend we worked super hard and now have 2 awesome investigators who are hopefully going to be baptized before i leave.
Almudena is the wife of a member Chiqui who was less active but we have been working with him and he has now become a priest and has actively been preparing and blessing the sacrament in church. It has been awesome to see his progress. Well when we arrived at thier home this week to teach her. Chiqui the husband looked at us seriously and said ¨Elders we need you to give Almudena a blessing¨ we asked what was wrong and they started laughing and rejoicing and he told us that Almudena was pregnant and they were gonna have a baby. They were so excited and wanted us to give a blessing so that her pregnancy would go well. We were the first ones they had told. It was quite the honor. So we gave her a blessing and the spirit came very powerfully into the room. I blessed her that if she would follow the example of Jesus Christ and become a member of his church that she would be able to better raise her children and protect them from the world. She and Chiqui stood up crying after the blessing and hugged eachother. Then we started the lesson but the spirit was so strong that we couldnt teach what we had planned we had to talke about the baptismal invitation. We asked her what she felt and she described perfectly the spirit. We told her that the Lord wanted her to follow him by being baptized and asked her if she wanted to. She answered yes and so we invited her. Then we said, ¨today you have felt the Lords spirit stronger than ever havn´t you¨ and she looked at us and said how did you know?
It was a cool experience. She commited to be baptized on the 16th of March and she came to church and is preparing herself to be baptized by her husband.
We had a similar experience a few weeks ago with a new investigator Jorge. He continues to progress and is now trying to quit smoking. He wants to be baptized as soon as possible but we are still working with him on the cigarettes. he is a golden investigator.
Things are looking up here in Sanlúcar. I have seen lots of progress in the people here in the Branch they are all getting really excited about missionary work and about doing thier home and visiting teaching. It is great to see the excitement they have. President told me acouple of days ago how proud he is of what Elder Rojas and I are doing here. He said he can feel the spirit of growth in this town.
Well This week has been great due to these awesome investigators who are progressing and we are seeing a change in them. We have been working hard on them because i really would like to see just one of them be baptized before i leave.
Well it sounds like you all had a great week. I continue to pray for you all. I hope that you have another great week and that all goes well in what´s left of the month of February. I am finishing the Book of Mormon again soon. I am in Mormon and will try and finish today if not tomorrow. Its so cool to see how the Book of Mormon stays the same yet you find new things each time you read it. I have really enjoyed this time as i read searching and pondering on the doctrine of christ and how the book of mormon is a tool for the gathering of israel. It truely grants us pure tetimony as we decide to read it and live by its precepts. I love this gospel and my Savior and how loving he is to have blessed us with so many things. This is his work and we will keep doing it this week and the next and the next after.
Thanks for all the love and support you send from home. I miss it but as we say here, vale la pena.
Love you all so so much,
Elder Nally
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