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Not Trunky (Week 93)

March 20, 2013
Hey family.

Thats super fun that you got to meet Elder Manning. I cant call him anything other than that yet. Its wierd to think he´s nate again. Well Thanks for the photos.
This week has been a great week. We taught a ton 23 lessons and 11 to investigators with member present. It was tiring but we feel super uplifted and joyful for the many great lessons and messages that we were able to share with others this week. Almudena and Jorge are doing great. We might just throw in another surprise baptism there with sandra. a while ago she set her own baptismal date for the same day and she really wants to do it so she is going to take a permission slip to her dad and ask again for his permission. she says she thinks he will let her do it. We will find out this week. Jorge has progressed a lot. He is still trying to give up tobacco but other than that he is ready. we taught him almos all of the lessons this week. We are going to possibly go on a hike with him next week as well since he loves the out doors. The members are treating me well here. They have invited me out to eat at restaurants this week on tuesday and on friday. Today we came in to Jerez and i am writing you from jerez because today we are going to go in to the commercial center and look at the stores and street shows and eat at a buffet we ate at a month ago that we really liked. Muerde la Pasta.
This week we have been focusing on leaving better commitments with the investigators. we have seen a great change in them these last few weeks and it is due to thier faith and action on thier part of reading praying and coming to church 4 of our investigators came to church this sunday so we are seeing the fruits of that.
Everyone always asks me if im trunky. im not. i dont even like explaining to them everytime how not trunky i am so i just tell them i dont know what thr word trunky is and that im thinking about extending my mission for two more years. I am so happy to be where i am right now and we are running around and doing as much as we can in our area in the little time i have left. We are super focused right now with sandra jorge and almudena be3cause all are truly seeking to follow christ and we are hoping to have a beautiful service put together so that they will all feel the spirit very strongly that day.
Well this week i finished the Book of Mormon. IT was a great experience reading it again. I think i will start to read it again. ha ha. I love that book so much. Well as far as souveniers go, sanlucar isnt the best place for that so i think i will wait untill i go to fuengirola to do that. Thanks for the present!
I love you all so much. Have a great week. sorry for not sending pictures today i left my camera at home. I will try and send some next week.
Elder Nally
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