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March 20, 2013
Hey all,

This week was the wettest of my mission. i dont know if you remember that i bought new shoes towards the beggining of february. well your gonna laugh when you see them. We had a really hard week with all of the rain. apart from that there was lots of wind. needless to say ALL of my clothing is wet. Well we will be using the members dryer for a little while today.
Apart from that all is looking good with the baptisms. we will have 2 or 3 on sunday. we are still waiting on the permisision of sandra but jorge and almudena are going well. we took all three of them to stake conference yesterday. the coolest part was without even thinking about it i found myself with the whole branch of algeciras there. as well as domingo my convert who is now married to his girlfriend and they are going to be sealled in the temple this year. that is super exciting. he teaches the elders quorum on sundays. we had the opportunity yesterday to hear from the Elder Reina of the 70 he is a very captive speaker as well as President Deere who attended he laughed when he saw me there and said ¨see you soon elder nally¨. Its wierd to think that this is my last full week in the mission.
Hoping to go out with a bang tho on sunday. on top of that they asked me to speak in church since its my last sunday. But then the branch mission leader asked if he could have my time for his talk because he cant get his message out in 15 minutes. i told him thats fine with me but that he should ask the branch president and then let me know whats going on so that i could know before hand to prepare or not. he is an interesting guy. Anyway other than stake conference our week was pretty boring and wet. We met a lot with jorge. he is trying to quit smoking. so far so good he has 2 and a half days without smoking now and we are going out with him to day to give him some support. We are staying in sanlucar today. we have a lot of little things we need to do here.
Well if you dont write me this next week.
hasta pronto.
elder nally
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