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All Good Things Come to an End.

March 20, 2013

Here we are, at the last stretch. Literally, a few hours worth of the last stretch. We did get one final email from Elder Nally (one that I have yet to receive), but it was short and simple. He said that he is working hard until the very last moment of his mission. It sounded like one of the baptisms happened last week, and we are so excited for both Trevor and the sister. It’s so exciting being here in Spain and so close to Elder Nally. We are so very proud of Trevor and the missionary he is and has always been. What a great example of hard work and dedication as a missionary and as a disciple of the Lord. Although we are sure that it will be somewhat difficult to leave the wonderful people of Spain, and to leave the rewarding life of a full time missionary, we are not at all complaining about having Trevor back with us. He has so many other great and important things ahead in his life. Thanks for all those who sent letters and packages, or simply asked how Elder Nally was doing. The love and support is very much appreciated. Well, Elder Nally, you served hard and well, and now it is time to come home! We love you and will see you so very soon!

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