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Training Hard…Or Training IS Hard (Week 89)

February 19, 2013

Hello Family,

Thanks for the emails. All is well here in Sanlúcar de Barrameda. I can´t beleive how fast the weeks are going we are entering week six of the transfer cycle which means i only have 7 weeks. CRAZY I have to take advantage of every last minute. Well Happy Birthday Dad and Brogan. You and Mom all have letters in the mail coming that i have been writing you on your birthdays. I finally got them off today. I am excited to hear where Kaitlyn is going. My companion guesses Chile and the other missionaries in my district all guessed Spain Málaga Mission. Ha ha wishful thinking. So There you go. Let me know next week.
So Progress…..well there is definately progress in our area but its very gradual. Slowly but surely we are reactivating inactive members. preparing new ones to go to the temple and trying to figure out the needs of our investigators to help them reach the waters of baptism. As of now we have had 4 or 5 baptismal dates set with investigators and we have postponed all of them. It is kind of frustratin because we are working hard but we will not give up and lots of prayer and fasting will play on in the coming weeks. This week was wet and cold as it rained here as well if i remember correctly almost every single day. We spent some good time looking for some new investigators but with not a lot of luck. we will keep trying. We did teach quite a bit to a recent convert who is going downhill this week and he came to curch on sunday which is a tender mercy. Another investigator came as well unexpectedly so we had a great day yesterday. We did recieve a lot of references from one of our members last night. I love members. They are so helpful.
Well this week the Elder Teixera from the area presidency is coming to give us a huge training meeting on wednesday night we are going all the way in to Málaga. I am excited to go back over to that side of town and see a lot of missionaries I know. I am more than excited to hear from a general authority right before i come home. Its going to be cool.
What else can I tell you about my companion. He is 21 and he is from Peru. He loves computers and worked as a technology specialist before the mission. he fixed peoples computers. He has 6 brothers and sisters. he is the second youngest. he is very timid and has a hard time talking to other people so the mission has been a bit of a challenge for him so far i think. but he has a very strong testimony and when he finally opens his mouth and shares it he brings a powerful spirit to the lessons. We get along fine because i am doing my best to serve him and avoid conflict. but in all reality there is a bit of a culture difference and he has a hard time understanding my personality i think. he is quiet so we dont talk as much as with other companions but thankfully there have not been any problems and we are doing great work. I am trying to serve him and figure out how to be more united as a companionship so that we can get more done.
Training is hard. He relies on me for everything. he asks me what he should eat. He asks me if he can go to the bathroom. i cant get him to talk to people in the street. Its definately been a challenge but i am being patient and learning TONS. Our studies are amazing and we are learning and getting better everyday. since he doesnt know the lessons very weel we study them a lot and its been a long time since i studied them so i am getting better as well. I am enjoying training and i am super thankful for the presidents trust in me to do it. I am trying to do it as best i can.

Well i love you all so much and i thank you for the emails. I hope you all have a great week.

Love,Elder Nally

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