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Time Flies! (Week 91)

February 19, 2013

Hey Family.

Another week has gone by and I just can´t believe Im sitting here again. I have 5 more weeks.  5 weeks from tomorrow I will leave my last area and head into fuengirola. Its pretty insane and Im definately feeling the push and the energy to take advandtage of every last minute. I want to see at least one more baptism before i come home. If not i just might have to extend…….
Thanks for the pictures. That is so fun. We have to go do that again so i can come. I bet you all had a blast. What is the new dogs name again? i cant remember. And When is Kaitlyn Reporting to the MTC? Thanks for the Email Kimbrie. Its good to hear from you. I have changed but dont worry im the same person. I cant believe how big everyone is in the pictures. That will be fun to go and watch tanner and brogans games together. I think i will go aswell. 🙂 So any news on byu? Im more uncertain now about what i will be doing when i get home then i was a few months ago. Maybe dad or kaitlyn could tell me whats up with that.
To answer moms question about Elder Manning. Last monday i said goodbye to him. We went to Jerez to play Lazer Tag with our district. It was lots of fun but then super sad and wierd to say goodbye to elder manning. He got picked up on thursday by his family and they are passing around and seeing the sights he goes back to the states in 2 days. he served a great mission. He said he might come to my homecomeing if he can so you might be meeting him soon.
This week went pretty well. We taught lots of lessons and the best part was that we had a member present in each of the lessons we taught to the investigators. They are helping us so much. We also received a new mission leader yesterday. His name is Daniel Barrios and despite his spanish name he is french. Learning Spanish. He speaks about as well as a 4-6 month missionary learning the language so it will be interesting to see how it goes but he sure is excited and our old mission lider despite how great he was had 3 callings and needed a break.
Yesterday I gave a fireside in our branch about 30 people came. Somehow our ward missionleader (ex) found out that i did a really cool fireside in Badajoz and Aljeciras and he asked me if i would do it here as well. It turned out really well. The spirit was so strong that it was honestly one of the more spiritual experiences of my mission. I spoke about Faith Hope and Charity and thier relationship Alma 7:24
On Wednesday i did my first exchanges in a long time. When i was in the office we never had time to do them so our district leader elder mendoza came to sanlucar and me and him set a baptismal date with a new investigator. It was a lot of fun to be with him he is ecuatorian and was in the mtc in spain with me. I have known him for a long time now. Today him and his companion are coming into sanlucar and we are going to spin a whiling match of Risk the board game. Should be fun.
This week we have to go back once again to fuengirola. It has been 8 weeks since i started training elder rojas and in the 9th week they do a follow up training to see how the training is going and to give more instrucction on the new 12 week program. I am excited to go and be with the Deere´s again. I sure have been a lot closer to President Deere than i was to President Clegg. He is the greatest example and sends his love and exitement to Kaitlyn and our family for her calling and willingness to serve. he says to tell you kaitlyn that he hears that the washington missions are some great missions and that the are an awesome place to be.
Well I have to go now but I love you all and I pray for you every day. Thanks for you letters and love that you send me.
Have a great week.
Elder Nally
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