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The Work Goes Well Here (Week 85)

February 19, 2013

Dear Family,

It sounds like you had a way fun time in New York. I can´t wait to get pictures. This week was really good for us as well. I would have to say as well that my highlight was talking with you all. Its so wierd to talk to brynlee who sounds like makenna to me on the phone. Or kimbrie that sounds like kaitlyn or Brogan who sounds like tanner. Everyones is changing and getting older but I loved being able to hear from you a little bit.
I hope Grandma gets better. I didn´t know about that she was in the Hospital. Send my love to her.
This week was a good one. Hard, but good none the less. We had a lot of people that just didn´t have time or didn´t want to meet with us this week since its the holiday season here. Unfortunately that is the way it will be untill the Wise Men come to leave all of the little children presents on the 6th. We continue working with Eduardo. Yesterday we had a really cool lesson with him about Recognizing the spirit. I hope he continues to progress in the way he is. Jose and Alejandro as well are super excited to read the book of mormon. We had a really cool class about the timeline of the book of mormon yesterday in church and we defined some terms the didn´t understand. Alejandro said I want to go home and read this book now. i didn´t realize how cool it is! So him and José set a time today to hook up and read together. They are such Champions. Then Sandra as well is still there and still needing permission but she wrote a letter to her parents asking permission and decided to set her own baptismal date for march. When she set the date I wanted to say, SO FAR AWAY?? why dont you set a closer date, but then i realized the date she set is only 2 months away and really isnt that far away…..
So the work goes well here. We are continueing to find trough the members. They are starting to trust us more and give us refferals left and right. Today we are going to celebrate the new year with Matilde and her sisters Rosa and Encarni. Sandra and her sister and dad will be there too as well as a member from france who arrived here recently and has no where to go. IT should be a fun little pow wow and iim excited to spend some time with sandras dad and get to know him better. 🙂
This year one of my new years resolutions was to strengthen my testimony of the book of mormon by reading it 5 times. Half way through the third time i got in to studying more by topic for my investigators and so this year i have only completed it 3 times really but i am in it for the 4th right now in 3 nephi so im going to see if i can finish it today. Our Pday is going to be pretty quiet. Clean, Shop, Laundry, Letters, BoM,  We hope to relax a little bit.
Well Its time for me to let my companion use the computer. We are writing from the church because again the internet cafe was closed. I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week.
Elder Nally
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