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Planting Seeds (Week 90)

February 19, 2013


Thats super cool. My Teacher in the MTC served there. I am so excited for you Kaitlyn.
All is well here. We had a super week. Funest part was definately going to Malaga and hearing from Elder Teixera. He spoke a lot about living our purpose or rather being faithful repentant and following the spirit. It was super cool to hear from a gerneral authority. He is so full of the spirit when he teaches. I loved every minute of it. He also taught us how to become better at asking for references and how we could find a lot more through our investigators.
Yesterday in church we had 37 people which is a 22% increase from the average attendance last year. It was super cool. We had lots of investigators in church as well. Since it was fast and testimony meeting we had the opportunity to witness as our 15 year old investigator stood up at the pulpit and bore a powerfull testimony that she knows the church is true. She isnt baptized because her dad wont give permission yet. but she is definately converted.
I dont have a lot of time to write today but I want to tell you before i wrap this up that my study in the Book of Mormon is going super well. I am reading through Mosiah and am reading the part where Abinadi goes to teach the people of King Noah. It is interesting because sometimes i feel like abinadi. Like we work and work and no one listens. But then as we continue reading we see that Alma was one and only convert who later established the church and let tons of the lords children into righteousness. I feel so successful now as i think of those people who i have been able to bear testimony have felt the spirit. We never know how many seeds we have planted. Or how much fruit will be harvested in the Last day. But I know this work is true and I love participating in it.
I love you all so much. Have a great week.
Elder Nally
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