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New Heights (Week 88)

February 19, 2013

Well Hey There FAMILY!

What a great week you all had. I love hearing the details everyweek of the going ons and the games and the ward and the busyness of life. Thanks for the letter hayden. I didn´t know you were doing basketball. That is so cool! We didn´t have a baptism this week. we had two planned to go down on saturday but they need a little more time to get prepared. We should have some baptisms here soon. WOW a new puppy that is soo cool. Happy Birthday Mom huh? que guay.
I am going to give my guess for Kaitlyn´s call as Guatemala, Guatemala City Misison.
Well this week was a good one. It´s still been kind of chilly here and this weekend it rained quite a bit. But the Branch is doing well. We had a less active family we are working with come to church which was pretty cool. we also had the opportunity to meet a couple times with our ward mission leader and make some new goals for the year and talk about what we are going to do to help the branch be more missionary minded. I am very excited to work more with the members. We have been working hard this week to meet with the people we lost contact with over the holidays. we taught 18 lessons this week which was ok but we are trying to find more investigators so we can teach more. I started the book of mormon again this week since i just finished and i am already in jacob. I am going to see how quickly i can finish it because today i found out that Pte. Deere is going to challenge us to read it again. And he wants us to finish it before easter so we will see if i cant squeeze in reading it two times before the end of my mission in stead of 1. In my little free time before studies and before bed i have been listening to talks that i recorded on a cd when i was in the office. This week was Bruce R. McConckie Week. He spoke alot about the spirit and personal revelation in his talks. What ispiration Dad had to send me those scriptures I was actually studying that this week.
Last Tuesday or Wednesday i went to buy some new shoes. Thanks Dad. Walking is much easier now.
Well this week wasnt filled with too many miracles or crazy stories. honestly it was kind of difficult as many appointments fell through and some investigators are regressing a little in thier attitudes towards the church and our visits. I had a couple of days this week where i felt disanimated and a little sad. But, through prayer and a nifty poem that Grandma Wellman sent me I realized that its those times where i most experience the power of the atonement. its the hard days when we feel a small portion of what he felt. and we understand better the imprtance of his infinate sacrifice for us.
I am so grateful to my God for sending his Only Begotten Son to sacrifice himself for me. My testimony of the Lord has grown to new hights during my mission and I find my self amazed at times in the love that he offers me. In the strength that he gives me. In the faith that I have in him I know that I could do all things that he asked of me and that he through me is blessing many people here in Sanlúcar. I love this work. I love this gospel.
And I love all of you.
Thanks for the emails
Till next Week,
Elder Nally
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