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Love the Book of Mormon (Week 87)

February 19, 2013

Dear Family,

Thanks for the pictures that was fun to see. Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope everyone makes you have the best day ever! I am so bummed that I am not there to celebrate with you but i send my love from spain.
This week was good. We had a fun pday last week as we went to jerez with our district and we played lazer tag. I dominated. It was really a lot of fun. the bummer was that it was a holiday and so the shopping center there was super crowded and we waited 2 hours to eat lunch. over all it was a fun day tho. and then we went to work. we found a couple of new investigators this week. we are finding a lot through the members. Valentin is a future son in law of an active member and she introduced us at the christmas party. well this week we were finally able to meet with hi9m and we had a great first lesson. we also found a nice lady named cari knocking on doors this week. she let us in and we shared a short message before she had to go and get her kids from school.
Those were a few of the Lordçs tender mercies this week. We worked hard at the beggining of the week because we knew we were going to be busy this weekend. On Friday morning we went to Cadiz for a Zone Meeting. It was a lot of fun to be with the zone. I was asked to speak for 10-15 minutes about working with our ward mission leaders. afterwards we all went out to eat. Then on Saturday our whole zone met again in Jerez to participate in a Stake Youth Missionary activity. The stake leaders had planned to do a mock mtc and then go out and prosylite with the full time missionaries so we went out and did that with the youth. my group was the Army of Helaman and again….we dominated. My youth were so bold and brave as they shared thier testimonies in the street with complete strangers. I don´t know if i could have done that as a deacon. I was so proud of them. But as great as the activity was. because of the length of the activity and bus schedule we were out of our area almost all day on saturday as well as friday which are the best days for proselying here! oh well. we had a lot of people in church on sunday and me and my companion today are going to look at the stores because the winter sales have started!!!
I need new shoes. ha ha see picture attached.
This week I finished reading the Book of Mormon again. It´s the 6th time i have read it cover to cover in my mission. Im going to see if i can do it once more before i come home. I absolutely love the book of mormon. it is such a true book.
Well i love you all so much and i hope you have a great week.
Elder Nally
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