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KNOW Preach My Gospel (Week 84)

February 19, 2013

Dearest Family,

Hello from Jerez de la Frontera. I am here with Elder Scheible as we are waiting for my train to leave in a couple of hours. We came here to do email and eat lunch for pday and i have to catch a train from here anyway so we are here untill i leave to Fuengirola. I am excited to go back again. My companion comes in tomorrow. I still don´t know who he is or what his name is so i will have to fill you all in on that next week. I am so excited to be able to talk with you for christmas this year!!!!
i didn´t know that sarah was getting married this weekend. Kaitlyn told me only that she was engaged a couple of weeks ago but i didn´t realize that. Thats awesome. I am happy for her. I havn´t heard anything about shanas wedding either. All i hear is that you are busy getting ready for it. When is it? Do they have any pictures or something about the announcement you could send me so i can see it? I am super bummed that i will be missing it just by a few months but that sure is an exciting time.
This week was crazy. I was in Fuengirola on Tuesday and Wednesday and we had a really nice training with President and Sister Deere and the two assistants. There are seven of us who are training and I already knew all of the missionaries there. Elder Hunt is training as well so it was super fun to see him and to be able to be with him again. I wll be seeing them all again tonight and then tomorrow will be a big day picking up the new missionaries and doing more traing with them. One of my favorite parts about being in fuengirola is eating sister deeres food. Ha ha ha.
So when i got back on wednesday night we set to work. We worked our tails off this week. We really wanted to teach 20 lessons which is part of the standards of excellence in our mission. Sometimes I suppose that is hard to do in a regular week let alone a week where you were out of area two days but we still wanted to do it so we planned really well. Called a lot of our investigators and set up appointments. We also set up appointments so that elder Scheible could say goodbye to people. We ended up teaching 24 lessons. That was quite a miracle i would say. We also found a few new investigators and some potential future investigators. We recieved lots of references from members. I can´t tell you how excited i am to work here. There is so much work. I have never been so on fire like this before in my mission. I come home and fall asleep praying at night because physically mentally and spiritually i am so exhausted. But I am loving every moment of it. The Lord´s work is so great. I hope to see a lot of success in this new area.
9 of our lessons were with members who have non-member spouses or children. There are a lot of part member families like that in this area and so we are working with many of them. Its so much better to teach someone when they have that system of support in play right from the start. We set two baptismal dates this week and hope to set a few more this week Eduardo 1 and Eduardo 2 will hopefully be getting baptized in january. We will see.
Um, que más? I have been studying Preach My Gospel a lot this week. A challenge from president to read it all and to KNOW it before our new companions arrive. I am in Chapter 10 and loving every minute of it. I love being able to reflect on my mission and think on the good and the bad and how i can improve. I have learned from experience how to listen to the investigator and teach to thier needs and not just teach a lesson. I have learned how to ask powerful questions and draw out thier doubts and questions. I sometimes wonder why it is this way but it seems that the Lord forms us into his perfect tool, molded to his hands and ready for a long times work and then he sends us home back in to the real world. I feel like now at the latter part of my mission I have finally understood what it means to be a consecrated missionary.
Well I hope to have a great week with my new companion. We will work hard. Pray for us. I will pray for you as always.
Love Mucho,
Elder Nally
1 Nephi 13:37
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