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Trainer (Week 83)

January 7, 2013

Dec 9

Hey there Familia mia,

I am super excited to be writing to you right now because Its been 9 days since i got to do email. I have had a LOT happen to me in that time. But I will start by saying that it sounds like you had a great week. Im glad that Brogan finally got back in the game. I am glad dad passed his test. Thats super cool that you got a new car. What kind of car is it? and thank you hayden for writing me.

Then I will follow by telling about everything that has gone on. On LAST weekend I spent lots of time going around like crazy to say goodbye to lots of people and to take pictures with them. Unfortunately my camera is charging in the apartment today because wheen i pulled it out it was out of batteries so pictures next week. Also we had Concilio on Monday and Tuesday. My last one. And it was really really good. I learned a lot and it was such a great experience to be able to learn from President Deere and all of the great zxone leaders who came and counciled with us. Our topic was how we could establish a culture in our mission of taking care of each others converts. We talked a lot about retention and the new member lessons and working with members in the teaching process. President Derre told me on the phone when he told me i was going to sanlucar to look up the new converts right when i arrive (and thats what i did) So that was really spiritual and a good way to start out the week.

Then, on tuesday and wednesday were the transfers but i nor elder manning left quite yet because we were helping with all of the 21 departing missionaries. We had to kind of babysit them all of tuesday and wednesday while president did thier exit interviews. I realied why they keep us so busy all the time. Because, when missionaries have nothing to do they can get pretty crazy. We spent almost the whole day both days in the office. Then at 2:30 in the morning on thursday we got up and went to start getting ready for the airport. We ordered a huge charter bus to come and pick up the missionaries but the bus couldnt get in to the small neighborhood where the mission home is. Thus we found a spot for it down the hill and we bused all of the missionaries down to the bus in 3 trips with 2 cars. The night before we fit 90% of thier 50 something bags into the van. We had to take out all the seats. But we did it and then we brought all of the bags to the missionaries the next morning so they could put them on the bus and know where all of thier stuff was when we got to the airport. we arrived at the airport and all went smoothly at first untill they had to pay for thier bags. We waited behind a lady for 40 minutes while she complained about something and then the lady (who was new at her job) took another 50 minutes so our 2 hours early to the airport turned into rushing them through security and telling them to run to thier gate so that they could board on time. It was quite the experience but all went well. Then we went to the apartment and caught up on some sleep. Doctor Deeres orders. and mine and elder mannings train left at 5 We even got class club which is like first class. Thanks elder mockler.

We arrived to jerez and waited for an hour for our companions to show up. They were late because they had found and taught a golden family of 6 who wanted to hear the gospel. So, we were not upset that they arrived late. But we had to wait untill 10 to catch our bus and arrived to our apartment at 11:30 at night.

So, we live on a farm. with chickens and cows and horses and everything in a tiny little room behind a members house. It is way different than any living setting I have had in the mission. But the irony of it is that im the one who baught the piso back when i was the financial secretary. HA Matilde is a recent convert and the owner of the piso. We live behind her. She is super crazy. But fun. I really like the town as well. Sanlucar is pretty. Even though we arrived home late, we planned quickly what we would do the next day because we had a conference in cadiz and my companion didnt know the  bus schedule. We determined that for excercise we would run to the bus station. (Elder Scheible my companion is a world class track athlete so he likes to run) and we would look at the schedule. We arrived and discovered that the bus would leave in an hour and so we quickly ran back to the piso to get ready but we just didnt have enough time so we missed the bus and luckly caught the last bus that would leave to get us there in time. So really getting back at 6 in the afternoon on friday. I didnt even get to work much in my new area till saturday. But on saturday we had the best day i have had in a long time teaching 7 lessons and getting some futures and some referneces as well. IT WAS AMAZING!!!! Elder Scheible is a machine. He just works so hard and loves the work. He has 3 months on the mission and i am finishing his training we had one of the best studies everr with this new 12 week program that they are having the trainers teach the new missionaries.

So I have been meeting members and LOVING elder scheible. he is such a good companion. I would say my favorite yet. HE is teaching me german and i am helping correct his english but its pretty good already. he is super humble and really good at everything he does. he is smart and I wish i could be with him longer than i am.


To those of you who have read this far. I have some pretty crazy news.

President Called me on Saturday morning. I didn´t answer because we were teachin a lesson but after playing phone tag with him a bit. He finally got a hold of us as we weere leaving a cita. he told me that we are recieving a surprise group of missionaries on the week of the 18th and that 7 new missionaries are coming in to the mission. He told me after lots of thought and prayer he thaught i was one of the best missionaries to train right now and that i will have to go BACK to fuengirola tomorrow for a special training. That was a HUGE shock to Elder Scheible who we have already grown close like brothers and he was looking forward to working here with me. But despite his sadness and mine. I am really excited to be able to train a missionary and have an HIJO. Thats what we say in the mission if you train. Elder manning is my father and im his son or hijo in spanish.

So Everyone in the branch is super cool. I already love love love the members here. they are all pure spanish and most of them born and raised in sanlucar. they are super kind and down to earth people and i am excited to work with them. On Sunday we had about 30 people in church and 4 of them were our investigators. Sandra, Alejandro, and Jose Manuel are all age 14-15 and are super cool kids with lots of intrest in the church. We taught them a class in church about the plan of salvation that they really liked and we planed Family night with a family that has similar aged kids for this week. Pray for them so that they will all progress in the gospel and keep the commitments that we give them. Also there are lots of Part Member Families in the branch which is GOLD and i am super excited to work with them as well. I can already see how much success I can have in this area if i just rely on the lord and the members and our faith. I hope to leave a big mark on this place and be able to do my best for the rest of my mission.

To answer dads questions, Yes i am taking great care of myself. We are starting to do a new excercise program with elder scheible and i am eating super healthy. Although the members want to feed us a lot this week so i might gain some poundage ha ha. I am a lot more organized and clean now than i was before the mission so dont worry about me. Im doind great. Im super excited for christmas. I hope to play an amazing day full of service and maybe some caroling we want to do as much as we can to spread joy on that day without proselyting because president dosn´t want us knocking doors or bothering people in the street. Our conference is on the 20th i think i dont know if my package arrived to the office yet but if it did i suppose i will get it tomorrow. We were informed by president that this year we will have exactly 1 hour no more to talk on phone or skype. So you choose and let me know next week. phones easier but if you want to skype ill start asking around to see if anyone will be open on christmas or if i can use a members computer. I am excited to talk to you all.

Umm. So ya lots happened but its all been good. it was a really good week and i am excited for what comes up in the next chapters. I am working as HARD as I possibly can in this area because i know that the Lord will use me as a tool in his hands. I hope you all have a fantastic week.

Love, Elder Nally

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