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Real Growth (Week 81)

January 7, 2013

Nov 23

Hola Familia,


Feliz Dia de la Accion de Gracias,


or rather, Happy Thanksgiving!!! It´s been pretty crazy here this week. Lots of goings on here and I aswell was sick mom! how cool that we were both sick on the same day. I havn´t felt well yesterday or today either but hopefully if i get some good sleep tonight and some medicine it will get better. That mus have been quite a scare from Jeff´s accident. Sounds like he was being a little too crazy on those four wheelers. I´m glad to here he´s safe tho. How was the rest of the trip. The only thing you told me about it was that Jeff got hurt and Mom was sick. Doesn´t sound like a very fun vacation to me. Ha ha. I´m sure you all had a great time. Did you get the mexican food again from the village?


This week started out pretty well we spent the first few days training. Elder Berrett and I spent lots of time going over all of the finance stuff and we also got out in the afternoons to work in our area a bit. We actually have taught about 10 lessons already which is pretty good considering the amount of time we had. We set up some good lessons and taught some investigators. One of which is actually progressing pretty well. Pilar is her name. She is from Bolivia. Nice lady. She has some doubts about baptism still but we are working with her on that.


On Thursday we had a specialized training in Malaga with President Deere. He did some great training on How to better recognize the spirit and to listen to it more in our teaching so that we could communicate to the investigators what the Lord would say to them. It was a powerful lesson and I took lots of great notes. Also Elder Manning and Elder Peterson taught about Real Growth and how we can work in the rescue and with our investigators to help the church grow in spain. They also talked about how working with less active members and recent converts is a great way to find more people to teach. I am very excited for the next year to see what happens in this mission. Ever since President Deere has arrived it has gone up and up and up and up. We reached our goal as a mission for the year in early november and we are setting a new goal for the next year which I am really excited for. I won´t be here at the end of next year but I will still be praying and watching to see as the Church in this country continues to grow and grow and grow. On Thursday after the Conference we had our Thanksgiving feast with all of the Deere´s and the other missionaries. We did have something like turkey. A roast chicken! Not as good I know but we did have the pies and jello and rolls and stuffing and all that good stuff. So I can´t complain. I would have eaten more but I was deffinately not feeling up to par that day. Yesterday we went and taught 3 lessons wheich all were very good lessons and what felt like one of the most productive days in a long time. Today was a lot of fun as well as we decided to go out to Ronda and see that beautiful city. It was so amazing! I will send pictures because my words can´t describe how beacutiful this place is. Tonight we will be getting caught up on some stuff and then I am really excited for church tomorrow. Last week we had Stake Conference in Granada and we drove all the way over there. They rearranged the whole Stake Presidancy and it was lot´s of fun to see all of the saints gathered in Spain like that. But i like our tiny little branch here.

Well I love you all so much and hope you all have a great week.




Elder Nally

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