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Polishing Up My British Accent (Week 78)

January 7, 2013

Oct 27


Hola familia linda,


Hello again! another weeks gone by. This was a good one. I´ve got some fun stuff to tell ya. Nothing too fantastically exciting but it was a great week nonetheless. So this week it was raining a lot. (as the subject title denotes) and we actually had some flooded streets. which makes walking to the office interesting. my new shoes all of a sudden seem a lot older. We joked that the beach had just moved up two streets. I didn´t have my camera so we used our phone cameras. Ill send the pics but i don´t know if the quality will be that great. So we drove a lot and made sure we had some sure appointments to avoid being in the street too much.


This week Elder Mockler arrived as well. He is excited and was ready to go to work when he got here. He is from Indiana. He claims that as where he´s from even though he was born in California. He grew up in Fort Wayne, when he graduated his parent were divorced and both parents remarried one settling in New Hampshire and the other in Utah. He attended BYU for 2 years before the mission. he is 20 years old. Graduated HS early. Super Smart.  He loves music and we already have clicked on a lot of our favorite bands and artists. He is a drum player and plays a bit of the guitar as well. He was in a Utah band called the Brocks. He entered the MTC in April just like me. He´s a super chill kid. and I´m excited to be his companion.


Today we are relaxing a bit. I went and baught a new backpack that i´ve been wanting. my old one smells and is way bigg and so i got a super small simple black one for 5€ that i can use better for carrying my pros stuff. Also we went to the local British store. We all baught some cool stuff. I just got some Fruit punch soda and some juice that you can´t find in regular stores here. Later we are going to play card games and drink/eat the food we got and then finish cleaning the house.


This week we taught Pilar. A bolivian lady who wants to get baptized. I can´t remember if i told you about her or not (but she doesn´t want to stop drinking) and she is one of our investigators right now. We also have gone to teach Benny again. He took a pretty big dive but we still think he has the ability to turn around again so we will see. We are also teaching some less active members and the husband is not a member he is Argentinan and his name is Jorge. His wife conchi and daughter alba are members but don´´t come. We also convinced a pioneer of the ward who has been inactive for years to come back last sunday. It was great to see her there and she was recieved really well. I m super happy that she came and that she was able to be recieved so well by the ward. the people really did miss her a lot. I hope she keeps coming. This is a big part of the Rescue that the brethren have been talking about. Its just as important to get those people back as it is to baptize new members.

One of my favorite parts of my mission is thinking on how many people I´ve helped. I don´t nearly enough talk of all of the people we help, but just these last few weeks we were able to help so many people, if it was bringing the spirit to thier home or teaching them precious truths or serving them or visiting them in the hospital or just lending a listening ear to thier problems. I am constantly amazed at how the Lord has used me to bless others. Its a tender mercy. It makes me think about how I can be more of that kind of person back in my old life at home. I want to be just as much of a blessing to people around me. I took a swing at chapter 6 of preach my gospel again this week. Im trying to be like Jesus. as the song says.


Well other than that, I´m doing well. I´m still polishing up my british accent. I´m still learning a ton. And I honestly am not tired of the area or the calling at all.


Just as an Fyi i was asked to replace Elder Hunt as District Leader and thus I taught my first district meeting this week. It went really well I think. I feel inadequate sometime but Its a great opportunity for me to serve my friends here in the mission more and to be more concious of them. I pray for them a lot more now than I did before.It´s interesting how a simple stewardship over 4 people can teach you so much. Well I love you all a ton and I hope you have a great week.


Good luck on your surgery Brogan. Keep your head up. The Lord strengthens us through our weaknesses.


Love, Elder Nally   Ether 12:27

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