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Our Heavenly Father (Week 77)

January 7, 2013

Oct 19

Dear Family,

First off.




I love you so much. I can´t believe you are 6 already. SO BIG! Mom told me that you had a great day! I´m so sad I couldn´t be there. But I love you so much and I want you to know it.


This week was a good one! Always is, but again, It went by too fast. On monday we went and had our weekly meeting at the Mission Home instead of at the office. Sister Deere made us a typical Spanish lunch. It was great. And then we had some work to do in the office and that afternoon we went to a few appointments with less active members that we are working with.


On tuesday We went and got my package from the post office. THANKS KAITLYN! i love getting packages so much! That was the highlight of the week. I have been eating the werthers all week. Also on that day we took a missionary couple who had been serving as the mission nurses to the airport. They went home after a year and a half of great service. They came into the MTC while I was there. and now there home. Crazy. Wednesday and Thursday we got into the field and visited a bunch of people. We also went to the hospital to visit a couple of members who are really sick. they both had stomach pains. turns out one has stones in his pancrias and the other has a bladder issue of some sort. It was nice to be with them for a moment. You could tell they were really lonely there. We started talking to one of thier roomates about the church and the Book of Mormon and we got a copy out of our car for the member so she could give it to her.


Yesterday was friday and we went to Málaga for Zone Conference. It was really great. I took 3 and a half pages of notes. Which I was able to do since i wasn´t asked to translate this time. I really liked how our Mission President displayed so much love for Heavenly Father and than testified to us how much Heavenly Father has blessed him to love us as his missionaries. He said I love you as if you were my own children and i want you to do the very best you can. And then he said. If you could even imagine how much more that your Heavenly Father loves you and wants you to do the best that you can……


I really liked that. Can we fathom the infinate love our father in heaven has towards us. How often to we think about that. In the mission I have had too many experiences to deny that the Lord loves his children. I know he does. I have had some very special times looking at investigators and loveing them through the Lords eyes. There is no greater feeling to me that feeling the gospel. Understanding it is great, but the best part about it isnt knowing or having it make sense. Its feeling the Holy Ghost.


I got the new camera today. It´s got a couple more pixels than my last one but has less features and isnt touch screen. I will take some pictures this week. (it has a cool panoramic feature.)

Well I´m glad you all had a good time at disneyland last week. Cool pictures.


To answer mom´s questions, Elder Mockler gets here this week. On thursday or Friday. I know him a little bit but maybe after hes my companion I can tell you a bit more. Teaching is going well. We have had more time and we are finding people. We are trying to work a lot with the members. We still don´t have anyone super solid that might get baptized but as soon as we find someone I will let you know.

Everyone give brynlee a huge hug and kiss for me. I love you all so so much. Es la verdad. Que tengan una semana muy buena. Y oficialmente, mañana me quedan los 5 meses.

Contando ya con una sola mano,



Elder Nally

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