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Knocking Doors (Week 79)

January 7, 2013

Nov 2

Hello Everyone!


You´re right mom, they sure are flying by. I´m sorry to hear that Brynlee is sick again! Poor girly. I love you. Feel better. I am happy to hear that all went well for Brogan in the surgery. How long did they give you to recuperate? It sounds like you had a pretty fun weekend then. Someone congratulate Shana for me. I wish I could have been there. But, I did have an amazing week here in Spain.

I guess I´ll start answering the questions.

Mom asked about my responsabilities as a District Leader. Well I guess technically Im responsible for the well being and care of all of the missionaries in my district, but they are all better missionaries than myself and so obedient and responsable that that part of my calling isn´t a big deal. Mostly I just conduct District Meetings once a week. I like having discussions more that lectures so I just assign everyone to study a part of the lesson and we all learn together. The missionaries in our District are our companionship, Elders Manning and Peterson (who live with us) and the Stevens (the elderly couple that assist us in the office). Thats it! we are ¨the office district¨ Its a lot of fun because I´ve been around most of these people for such a long time now that I love them so much. I take their weekly reports each sunday and give them to the zone leaders. But thats about all i do. I try to do my best at it.

To answer Kimbrie´s question about Halloween… Well yes, there is halloween here. But they don´t celebrate it quite as well as we do in the states. They like to dress up tho. And they just go to parties. They dont do trick or treating here. (trust me, we were knocking doors that night and not one soul offered us candy) It´s a new thing here in spain and gets bigger and bigger each year. Maybe, some day, they will arrive at the full fledged holiday that we know and love. 


I think that was all for the questions asked this week. Sorry if I missed one. Well I´m happy. Just to start off on that note. I am really happy with my mission so far. I love every day of it. And I realize that as much as I appreciate it and want to keep doing it, eventually it will be my turn to go home. in 6 weeks, Elder Manning and I and those missionaries who came in with us will be THE OLDEST missionaries in the mission. That´s a weird thought. It´s also weird to think that Christmas is right around the corner. We started listening to Christmas music this week and we are now officially making hot chocolate every morning when we get into the office. It´s crazy to me how fast it goes by but soon we will be talking for the last time before you actually come here to get me. It´s not making me ¨trunky¨ at all tho. If anything it just makes me work harder and desire to use my time as effectively as possible.

So Elder Mockler is here and we get along fantastically. I´ve been very pleased with all of my companions. I might only have 2 or 3 more…. Elder Mockler is very humble and he has lots of hidden talents. He is really good at the drums. Today him, Elder Manning, and I all went to a music store here in town and we jammed a little bit. I think the store owner was really impressed with us. He thought we were a band or something. Ha ha. I can NOT wait to touch my instruments again when I get home. I have a dinky chungo little guitar here but it can´t even compare.


This week we worked really hard with every second we had in our area. We have been teaching a lot more. This week we found a Moroccan Jew named David who worked in the United States for the government for a while. He is super nice and said we could meet with him. We are going to try and meet with him this week. We also knocked a lot of doors and found some nice people. One of my favorite things this week was going to visit a couple of members who were in the hospital but are both now home and recuperating from thier health issues. They were so happy to have visitors since they have not been able to leave home. Ronaldo and his family from Uruguay especially were very grateful for our visit and want us to start working with thier friends. I love the Members here! I don´t think I´ve said much about them but the members in Fuengirola are some of my favorite people and best memories of my mission.

Today a lady named Iracema from Brazil cut our hair for us. She tried to do it for free but we slipped her 10€ because she did such a great job and her business has been slow lately. She was so grateful to have us there and talked to all her clients about who we were and what we did. Elder Manning even got one of thier phone numbers. I love member missionaries!!!


So this week, we have been anticipating a ward activity for a while now, and this week it actually happened. The bummer was that President Deere and Sister Deere were in Madrid for a conference so they couldn´t take thier kids. President asked us if we would go with them so we agreed. Little did we know it turned out to be a 9 hour hike and probably the coolest hike I´ve ever done in my life besides the Grande Canyon. It was sooo pretty. I will send you pictures. It was such a beautiful day for a hike as well. We went up and looked out over Marbella and the Mediterranean Sea. I can not believe what a beautiful place I am serving in here. It is so amazing.


Also, since it got super cold here this week (and wet as it rained a lot) I pulled out some money and got myself a nice sweater. I like it a lot and it keeps me warm and cozy.


I guess this week something that really stood out to me is the importance of repentance. I studied a talk by Elder Cook I think it was called ¨Can ye feel so now?¨ and It made me want to realign my will with the Lord´s. Alma sure understood that well didn´t he? I especially love sharing with people the chapter 36 of Alma and explaining to them how GOOD it feels to be forgiven and feel of the atoning power of Christ. I hope that you all have a great week and that as we think about being grateful this month, we realize how truly blessed we are to have the gospel in our lives.

Have a great week,



Elder Nally

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