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Conference Weekend (Week 76)

January 7, 2013

Oct 12

Good Morning everyone!

It´s a beautiful day in spain today. We have had a great week. Sounds like you all as well enjoyed conference and disneyland. Hard not to enjoy those things. How about those announcements! How many temples will we have in AZ now!?!? Crazy. I remember when there was only 1.

Im glad to hear that Dad´s surgery went well. I was praying for you. Thats crazy. I won´t have as much time as I thought with Kaitlyn and Tanner before they leave. Thats ok tho. The mission is an amazing thing. and it will be cool to have them serving at the same time. Everyone in the mission now wonders how this new announcement is going to effect missionary work. There will be a lot more missionaries in the next 6 months.

I absolutely loved conference. We watched the first session as it was happening on Saturday Night. In the home of the Stevens. The older couple that works in the office with us. They made us Idaho Chile to eat before it started. MMMMMMM so good! Then we watched the second session in the office till 12 o´clock at night and then ran accross the street to our apartment and fell asleep as fast as we could because we had been out 30 minutes past curfew (with permission). Then on sunday we watched priesthood session in the office and had rootbeer floats. There was some great talks. (I can´t wait to watch that with you Dad next April!) So after that we did some cleaning and organizing in the office. We rearranged some stuff and it feels a lot nicer. Then we went home to get some lunch and get ready to leave again. We went up for dinner at the Mission Home with President and Hermana Deere (who makes some great green chile enchiladas) and then we watched the sunday morning session real time. with them. Sunday night we went to take care of numbers and prepare mission stuff that always goes out on monday. Our last 2 hours of the week are usually spent in the office. The last session I have been watching talk by talk when I get time here in the office. Elder David A. Bednars talk…. Buah… Impresionante.

On monday we had all of the Zone Leaders coming in for Concilio (ZL council) and we had an amazing evening discussing in counsil about how we can help the missionaries turn their hearts to the Lord. More than anything I learned how I can do that for myself.

Alma 37, a chapter I´ve read many times, caught my attention as I read it this week while thinking back on the concilio. Alma the younger teaches his son Helaman how to look to the Lord and give his heart unto him. He teaches that we must Pray. Day and night we must pray fervantly and diligently and build our relationship with the Lord. We should ask him to help us give our whole hearts unto him. Then we must be humble and meek. Giving up our sins unto repentance. And lastly we must obey the commandments and keep the baptismal commitment we have made.




These things are directly related to the first 3 principles of the gospel and whats the promise?

That we may have his spirit to be with us. To guide us. And help us endure to the end.

I learned a lot about that this week and have been trying to implement it. This week we had more time in our area! 🙂

We taught these principles to active members, less active members, investigators, and people we met and talked to in the streeet.

We found 3 new investigators. We found an inactive family we have started to work with. And we taught three times more  than the lessons of last week. We found a few people in the street. There were some tender mercies of the Lord this week thats for sure.

Today we are going to the castle in málaga. I still am cameraless. Sorry. But it should be a fun P-day.

Well I love you all so much. Thats all for this week. Let me know if anyone has any questions for me.


Elder Nally

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