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Choose The Right. (Week 80)

January 7, 2013


Nov 16


Hola querida familia,

Wow. It sure is crazy how fast the last year has gone. I remember your thanksgiving activities from last yeas as if it were yesterday. I am pretty happy that this could be the last time you go to mexico without me. This week we got on to the topic of our favorite vacations and i got to brag about mexico a little and show some pictures. I hope you all have a super fun thanksgiving day. eat some turkey for me! 2 years since i recieved my mission call….


Well this week was a crazy one as well. On monday we had a bunch of missionaries coming in to get trained up at the mission home. We had to drive 30 some odd people up and down and up and down from the mission office to the mission home. Then on Tuesday Elder Berrett arrived here. He is a super good kid. And we had a few hiccups in the transfer on that day. There were a couple of elders that printed out two of the same ticket instead of the two tickets we sent them and the train police thought they were stealing a ride. They gave them a huge fine and we spent half the day on the phone trying to resolve that. Another Elder was lost in the movement and eventually was found and his companion on him were reunited but that was a bit of a scare. So that was a crazy day and we spent all of monday and tuesday doing mission things to make sure all went smoothly. We actually got to teach a lesson on wednesday which was nice. We had all of the departing missionaries come in as well. So we ordered pizza for them and then we took them all up to the mission home as well. (lots of taxi driving this week) (except i didnt get paid) And on Thursday we got up at 3 in the morning and we had to take them to the airport. A few stayed back because thier families are coming to pick them up and so they were waiting at the mission home. Thier families came later and it was super fun to see them get reunited with them. Elder Barney was the only one who didn´t leave that day because his parents couldn´t come until saturday so he was my companion since thursday and is still with me now. He is a super cool kid and a great missionary. He is from Boise ID and he taught me how to say Boise correctly Boy See. I used to say Boy Z. Any way we have just been tearing it up for his last few days of the mission and went and taught 3 or 4 lessons. Also, during this whole week i have been training Elder Berrett in the mornings and he is picking up really fast which is good. He will be able to do it all by himself by the time I leave. (which is the 6th of december) Yesterday we had an appointment to eat with some of the members in our english branch. They live way out past antequera which is about an hour drive but is still in our area. And, President gave me permission to stop in antequera on the way back in and say hi to the members there José and Rosa. So we stopped by them and they were so happy to see me. It was a lot of fun to be with them and they were really impressed with how much I have changed. And how well i speak spanish now. I told them that when you come pick me up we would come to antequera for a few hours and that they could meet you. That made them super excited. They just like getting visited because they are so lonely there.


Today we did some more super deep cleaning in our apartment. It is looking so good right now. We have been getting all the cracks and corners and throwing away all of the junk that gets built up by missionaries leaving thier things around. It was a good morning. I havn´t eaten yet so I am super hungry and we are going to go shopping after this. Today we don´t have any huge plans so we might just all hang out at the apartment. It is raining a lot today. Plus since I arrived here I found a deck of ¨and it came to pass¨ I don´t know if you remember that game. But for the longest time I couldn´t convince any of these guys to play with me and a few pdays ago we finally sat down and played it and now they are all addicted and only want to play that game on pdays. maybe we will go to the local british store and buy some cool british food. Its way better than spanish food.


This week we did a family night with maricarmen and her family. She is one of the oldest members in Fuengirola and we have been working with her for a few months now and she is reactiviating. It was a super fun night and the spirit was strong as we taught about keeping ourselves unspotted from the world.



So to end this email I just want to let you all know how much I love you and miss you all. Especially at this time of year but I am SO excited to have a change and to go finish my mission. This could be my last area that i am going to now.

Choose the Right.



Elder Nally

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