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Be Like Moroni (Week 82)

January 7, 2013

November 30 Hola Familia,


Estoy bien papa, muchas gracias por preguntar.


Well it sounds like you all had a very good/normal week back home. I am happy to hear that. We had a pretty busy week this week as well. By busy I mean office busy. But it was good because I was able to finish the majority of Elder Berrett´s training and we don´t have too much left to go over before I leave on Thursday. Well here it is…..


President called me on Wednesday and told me where I am going. This is most likely my last area and i am soooo excited for it. IT´S CALLED…….SANLÚCAR DE BARRAMEDA! or sanlucar for short. Look it up! it´s at the mouth of the river guadalquivir and the coast of the Atlantic ocean. Its a smaller pueblo and a part of the province of Cadiz which also houses the little town of Algeciras my old area. I am back in that zone but now on the very north side. My zone leaders are 2 very good friends who i have known since the mtc elder seely and elder mcgarry and my district leader is elder woodford who i havn´t met yet but ive heard is a very good missionary.


My companions name is Elder Schieble. I´ll let you know how to pronounce that correctly later. He is German. And speaks great English. I was serving in the office when he arrived to the mission. and when he got his mission call ha ha. His trainer has been with him for 9 weeks and so he has received most of his training already but i have to finish the last 3 weeks of his special studies that the new missionaries do in their 12 weeks program. And now for the funnest part. Guess who Elder Woodfords companion is.!!!! Elder Manning! ha ha We have been together almost literally our whole missions. Im super excited for that. We will ride over there together in the train on next Thursday after we send home the 21 departing missionaries.


I´m not sad in the slightest that my time here is over. I can honestly say that I´ve never been more excited for the next chapter of my mission than now. I am going to go out with fire and work as hard as i can untill the very end. I hope to accomplish much and to help everyone i meet in this great new area. I am very happy with my time here in the office and everything ive learned. Its so different from any other calling in the mission. my calling even differs greatly from my companions. But i have learned countless usefull skills and have met a lot of great people. we have prepared 2 or 3 great people for baptism and i hope to see pictures of them some day dressed in white on thier baptismal day. Some times we aren´t the gatherers of the fruit. some times were the sowers.

Well this week was great. We spent the last 3 days in the office getting the transfer plans and travel plans and departing missionaries firesides organized and it was honestly a huge puzzle. I think Elder Mocklers head was hurting pretty bad trying to figure out who goes with who so that everyone has a companion. We are completely at the mercy of the spanish transit system. if theres no bus. we have to find a new way to get them there. if theres no train…….anyway we have been working on that a lot. We have also taught a few lessons and i have started to say goodbye to members and investiators that i have gotten close to.

Elder Berrett has been catching on quickly and thus i have had a little bit of down time here in the office when he is working on things. I have read through the book of Helaman and also kept up on my reading of the doctrine and covenants. I am at section 109 today. I also caught up in my journal and have been filling in lots of detail of some days i missed and things i want to remember about this place.


Its been a very productive week. We have found some more work and are leaving Elder Mockler and Berrett with a lot better teaching pool than the one that was left for us. I hope they have a lot of success here.


One thing that I have really liked about learning from the wars and dissenters of the later chapters in the Book of Mormon is that we ourselves go through these phases of ¨stengthening our borders¨ with mounds and armies and phases of letting our guard down and becoming weak. Spiritually we are weak when we forget to continue to build protection through prayer and study of the scriptures. The dissenters represent parts of us that don´t want to willfully obey certain commandments. As we tear our will and don´t perfectly align it with the Lord´s we destroy ourselves from within and allow the enemy to have power over us. Let us be like captain Moroni and continuously fight for what we believe in. To protect ourselves with the small and simple things and to be like Moroni was, of sound understanding, whose heart did swell with thanksgiving to his God, for the many privileges and blessings which he bestowed upon the people; who did labor exceedingly for the welfare and safety of the people, who was firm in the faith of Christ.


and if so… if all men had been, and were, and ever would be, like unto Moroni, behold, the very powers of hell would have been shaken forever; yea, the devil would never have power over the hearts of the children of men.


I love you all so much.

Have a great week,

Elder Nally

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