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The Rough and Tough Looking Guys with Scruffy Beards (Week 74)

October 8, 2012

Hey everyone!!!
Happy end of september week!
Fall is here as we have been experienceing lots of wind and rain and cooler weather. Actually, the drastic change in weather has made me a bit sick. Not too much tho. just for like 2 days. i am feeling a lot better today.

Well I guess I will just start with the surprising news,
This week I have been in africa! Again I went to melilla this week. President pulled the missionaries out of there because he felt it was too dangerous to have them there with all of the comotion going on with the attacks on the us embassies. They have been in malaga for 2 weeks and this week i went down with them to close the piso and deliver a legal document to the landlord cancelling our contract I also helped them clean thier piso and leave it nice and brought my empty luggage to help carry back mission purchased items. We left on wednesday and got back this morning. On monday and tuesday my companion was sick (i think thats why i got sick) and so this week we havnt even done much of the office work let alone mission work. But, elder hunt stayed with Elder Manning and Hall and they did find a new investigators on wednesday. His name is Juno. But I havn´t met him yet.

So in Melilla we went and said goodbye to all of the people they knew and i just tagged along. Thursday was when I got sick so I spent some time sleeping and taking medicine while they took care of me. Elder bailey was nice enough to share his advill and soup with me. This morning it was raining pretty hard in malaga. I stayed with my zone leaders there untill Elders Manning Hall and Hunt could come get me. They were coming from Sevilla after having to go take care of some things out there.

Honestly its been a pretty boring week. Lots of Sniffs and nose blows. Lots of sleep and soup and taking care of eachother. Lots of reading the scriptures. I read all of the Book of Matthew this week which was a lot of fun and taught me alot. My camera broke. That was a bummer. I have a lense error. Ive tried to fix it and it worked for a month but now its completely broke. OTherwise i would have pictures for you this week. I don´t know what im going to do about that but I think maybe I new camera could be my christmas gift this year.

So today we arn´t really having pday other than the fact that i am emailing you right now and we just finished hard core cleaning our piso for the new transfer. I will be spending the rest of the day getting caught up on office work.

Which brings me to Dad´s questions about transfers.
I´m getting a NEW COMPANION!!!! but he is not my replacement but elder hunts. Elder hunt will train him and we will be a trio. His name is Elder Mockler. He entered the MTC on the same day as me but I never met him untill later in our missions because he was reassigned due to visa problems. He is a really good missionary and will be the new secretary. President told me I still have a little while to go here in the office. So Elder Mockler will get here in 3 weeks. Elder Hunt will train him in 2 or 3 weeks and leave and then next transfer it will just be me and elder mockler. Who knows when Ill leave. My goal is before Christmas but we will see.

Hayden, I got your letter today in the mail. Thanks bud. I will write you back.
So lastly I will finish with a funny story.
Last night our boat left the dock at 11:30 at night. We stored our bags in the lockers and then went to find our room which we had rented. We had asked for a room with 4 beds so the 3 of us could be in the same room and sleep comfortably. When we arrived our door was already open and there were 2 arab men. Rough and tough looking guys with scruffy beards. We were really confused. We asked them if they were sure they were in the right room. Luckily they spoke spanish. They explained to us that the boat was full and there could be no empty beds so the one remaining bed was asigned to that man and his friend was there hoping that not all three beds would be used. We were pretty skeptical about sharing the room with him. (I was carrying a lot of money on me.) But he and his friend left the room to go and get a drink. We unpacked. (i slept in my clothes because i couldnt undress in front of him) and needless to say i slept holding my bag. He only came in to sleep for a couple hours and i think we all had one eye open during that time. He got up, got dressed and said a muslum hissy prayer and left at 7:30 in the morning. half an hour before we ported in malaga. He turned out being a really nice guy but I am glad that is the last time i will be making that trip.
Well I love you all so much and I will hopefully have a lot better week this week.

Con cariño,
Elder Nally

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