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“He’s the Prophet!” (Week 75)

October 8, 2012

Well hey there!

I hope you are all enjoying Vacation! Sounds like a super fun trip!! Utah, Cali, conference, disneyland. Wow im jealous. But not too jealous. cuz the mission is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! So real quick before i start. apparently something was said about Spain by Mit Romney during his campain. Supposedly it wasnt very long or directed at spain, but what he said caused a lot of reaction. Its on the news everywhere that future american president said something about spain. Ha. I don´t know what he said but its super funny to see how everyone is so overeacting over some sentence that came out of a politicians mouth. Bueno

This week, We said good bye to a good friend. Elder Hall and Elder Staples both went home. We got up at 3:30 in the morning to take them to the airport on thursday. Before that we recieved a big group of 11 new missionaries and did some training with them and thier new companions. It was a lot of fun and we ate some very delicious tacos at the mission home with the Deeres.

Yesterday was our first real day to work in our area as we have been up to our necks in office work. We had a huge transfer in the mission and on top of that with a new month i had lots of reports and filing and stuff to do. FUN. We somehow found time to get out and teach 4 lessons. All of them were great and last night we got a few references of people we might be able to go and teach which we are excited for. We also helped an older colombian lady this week with cleaning her house. We did all the stuff she couldnt do like getting down under cupboards and moving heavy tile and stuff like that. It was a fun little service project and I know she appreciated it mucho. So today…..IS CONFERENCE!!!!!!! I am SO excited for that. We are going to watch some parts in the home of the Stevens. The Missionary Couple that works here in the office with us. They have a tv and couches! it will be just like watching it at home. And other parts we will watch at the church building and here in the office. I think im mostly just excited to here the voice of the Lord and write down everything that he wants me to hear and understand.

Conference is such a special blessing. I think a lot of times we don´t realize how privleged we are to hear servants of the Lord speak his will. How many of the people we know don´t even know that this is going on. THis week we were talking with some inactive members and they didnt know who Thomas S Monson was and I said ARE YOU CRAZY! HE´S THE PROFET! The living moses! the man who speaks with God and tells us what he wants us to do. I think i peaked thier interest because they asked me what time and where they had to go to here this guy. I hope to see them there. (How sad thatt they were never taught or understood how important this is)
In other news. You might not understand to what level this shocked me. But this week I printed out a list of bank transactions from our mission account. What usually comes out as 1 or 2 pages. (3 on a bad week) Came out as 6 PAGES! over 150 transactions in the last week. And I have to manually record each one of them. I hung it up on the wall and its taller than me. I havn´t even started on recording it but it will take me a long time to get that one done. ha ha. crazy stuff.

Well I hope you all enjoy your trip. All is well in Spain. Loves
Elder Nally

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