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What Do Missionaries Do In “Down Time”?–Missionary Work! (Week 70)

September 24, 2012

Hey everyone,

I hope you are enjoying your time at Sugar Camp. Someone tell Grandma and Grandpa Hinckle I love them. And someone get something out of the green box for me. Im super excited for you all to have a great weekend getaway, enjoy it.
It´s been a really good week here. The weather is cooling off a little bit. which is nice cuz its been super hot. And This week we had a lot more down time which means MISSIONARY WORK!!! We have been able to do some tracting and street contacting which its been forever since we last did and that felt great. Benny hasnt smoked for 2 days and the day before he almost went the whole day but gave in to one cigarette before bed. He is super excited and is proud of himself for being able to give up such an addictive habit. His baptism was rescheduled for the 15th of this month. Happy September by the way.

So this week we went to teach an interesting lesson to an older lady who thought we were Jehova´s Witnesses. She is super old and scenile but told us she was a member of our church and then when she said she was a testigo de jehova we realized she was confusing us for another church. we went to teach her and she actually had tons of passalong cards hanging up in her house and she gave us a tour. We then saw a huge pile of magazines from the Jehova´s witnesses church and we realized that she has investigated ours and thier church for years and years and years. She was super crazy and cant read so there is a small chance of her ever progressing but it was pretty funny to see how she couldnt tell the difference between us and them. Then she showed us her bedroom and she had a HUGE painting of Jesus (Catholic version) on her wall. She told us she wakes up every morning and kisses him and the proceeds to REZAR which means to pray but in a memorized manner. So, we found a ¨Catholic Jehova´s Witness of the Latter Day Saints¨ She had a cool dog.

That was one of the more interesting things of the week. Other than that we just had a ton of great spiritual lessons with our investigators. and last night we had a fun eating appointment with some members.

Today for P-day we are going to málaga to a store that has great prices and there are sales going on right now! I’m hoping to save some money and replace all of my tattered clothes. I will send a picture of what happened to my pants this week. I had to go buy an emergency pair because I couldnt walk around with those pants anymore.

So this week in my studies I spent some time on the Attributes of Christ. I recognized as I was reading in Alma that All of the missionaries had these attributes and they are so important in the work. It had been a long time since i had evaluated myself on these attributes so i did so again and spent some time studying faith virtue obedience and diligence among other things. Charity as well is a very important one. D+C 121:45 has a great promise in it. I found this scripture as an added strength this week as i pondered on it and tried to apply it.

Well thats all i have for this week. Thanks for your letters mom and kaitlyn.
I hope you all have a great week.

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