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The Rescue (Week 69)

September 24, 2012

I’m missing one week. As soon as I get this letter, I will add it.

Hey all!

sounds like you all had a great week. Its been a good week here as well.
Investigator Update,
Benny is down to 3 cigarettes a day and thats pretty exciting. he is definately doing better and we are going to visit him again tonight. Still he is looking at the 31st for his baptism so we are hoping to see him get there.
This week we went to visit with an inactive lady from Nigeria. she is from the IMO states but lives in lajos of late. she spent some time in belgium where she met her husband and they just moved to spain after getting married in nigeria. She has not gone to church for years because she never knew where to find it. but, she found us in the street and approached us to tell us she wanted to return. Now we are teaching her husband mike and her name is chi chi. They are great people and he wants to read the book of mormon and said he will get baptized if he knows it is true. we set a baptismal date with him for the 15th of september. We are super excited to have 2 new additions to our english speaking branch which is very small and decreasing in number.

Also this week we repainted and refurnished our no longer burnt piso. It looks super good. we did a very good job at painting it for being amatures. (even though we all had some painting experience). We spent all day on that yesterday.

I loved seeing the pictures of the lake. It is so cool to see pictures of everyone getting up on the wake board and skis. Can we please go next summer!!!!! i want to go so bad.

Well in other news the 2nd transfer in the office ends tomorrow. half way done? yes. I like it a lot here but its kind of fun knowing when im leaving and i kind of look forward to it. Although i admit there probably couldnt be a more fun group of kids to live with. i absolutely love and enjoy each of the 3 elders that i get to spend my time with. they are all going to be life long friends.

Que más os cuento……we have been putting a lot more emphasis on missionary work through less actives and we are seeing miracles being wrought through these efforts. We have been working with Bruno and Victoria who were baptized 8 years ago. because he was part of a small branch he instantly recieved a lot of responsability as a priesthood holder and being his timid self grew away from the spiritual experience he could have been having. Now they want to return but feel embarrassed and on top of everything make many excuses whenever they try to decide to return. We extended a very strong and spiritual invitation to them after testifying of the importance of church attendance to come to church this weekend. we told them of thier importance to us, the members and also to God. They felt the spirit and openly accepted the challenge. Sometimes these experience dont get counted like the baptisms but these decisions are just as important in God´s eyes. President Monson has been talking a lot about this and there was even an amazing talk about it this last conference. ¨The Rescue¨ is going forward full force amongst the missionaries.

I don´t have much time left but a special thanks to Kaitlyn for her sweet letter as well as to Grandma and Grandpa Nally. Thanks for writing me everyone i really do appreciate it a lot.

Dad, Im going to be needing to buy new pants and shirts with in the next month and the sales are starting up so i feel like it would be a good chance to save some money. I will be shopping not this coming pday but the following so maybe you could shoot me an email about what you think about that. i think i might need like 100 euros or so. Translated to American money thats about 125. This hopefully will be my last stretch for clothes untill i come home.

Lastly I would like to say that i have been pondering on the wars and wickedness that exists in the book of Alma. I feel that the Lamanites didnt always have BAD intentions at first, but that they allowed themselves to become too involved in the worldly things. We see everyday people addicted to THINGS but maybe we should play it on the safe side and only allow ourselves to become addicted to the scriptures and constant prayer. These things will keep us unspotted from the world and will help us give up the ¨seemingly unharmful¨ things that can slowly drag us down if we are not careful.
Helaman 5;12

You are all great I love you so much.
Please have a buena semana,
Elder Nally

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