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Milagros Suceden (Week 72)

September 24, 2012


Wow! This week went by super quickly. I´m sad to hear that some of you were sick this week. No bueno. I hope that you feel better. Dad, I hope you had a great trip. I have been praying for you and your company. Thanks for the money. I bought shoes today. We will see how good they are as I break them in this week. I hope to hear from Tanner and Brogan sometime. They´re gonna get out on there missions and wish they had written me more often. 🙂
Who are the missionaries in our ward right now? I can´t wait to see the fruits of your fasting and prayer as a ward. I know that when the members participate with the missionaries ¨Milagros suceden¨.
Ya mom,  no pasa nada. Its fine if you hacked me. Thats why i left that stuff for you.

Well this week we have been busy as usual. Less than last week which was nice. We had a district leaders training at the mission home. I got to see Elder Gibson from the MTC since we entered the mission last june. It was good to be with him and other great missionaries that i have met. We learned about how to run good district meetings and be better teachers. How to do an effective exchange. There was a powerful spirit of unity as we are trying to be a more obedient mission and those missionaries there are all mostly younger and are the future leaders in the mission. It was a geat meeting. I translated for Hermana Deere since most of the meeting was in english and at one point I looked up and she was just laughing and laughing at me. I didnt´realize why so i shrugged and she gestured that what i was doing with my hands was making lots of noise in her headphones. I was spinning the bottom part of the microphone. Without even realizing in i was making a thumping noise every 2 seconds. she couldnt stop laughing at me for 5 minutes during the meeting.

We are supposed to have a baptism today. Unfortunately Benny is really nervous and has left home to go with his catholic Dad. We are praying that it will still happen and if not today I´m sure it will be soon. But hopefully we can get a hold of him and calm him down.

This next week we have a mission tour as Elder Kent F. Richards is here to visit us. Its going to be fun listening to a General Authority here for a few days. I will have some great stuff to report next week for sure.

Today we went and played soccer in Málaga with the missionaries and thier investigators with some members as well. It was lots of fun. We made an Americano Team and we won. (due to my hat trick…..) It was awesome. I´m super sweaty actually right now because we havn´t gone home to shower yet.

This week I started a diet. I bought a lot more fruit and vegetables than usual and Im eating them when i get the munchies. I am going to cook a lot more and stop eating microwavable fatty stuff like before. I´m also doing a fun workout program. Its super simple but challenging and I hope to loose a little bit of weight.

Well its been super crazy but I still found some great time this week to study the Book of Mormon. Specifically I was looking for pasages of scriptures that are supported in the Bible and the BoM. There are some really great ones like John 10:16 and 3 Nephi 15: 17 – 21 for example. These are great for teaching investigators or friends about how the book of mormon clarifies things misunderstood in the bible. It was a super fun study session. I encourage you, no exhort you to try it out and see what you learn.

What doctrines are supported in the BoM and Bible?

I´d love to hear how it goes if anyone tries it.

Well I think I´m gonna go get some lunch. But I love y´all so so much. Hasta la proxima


Elder Nally

P.S. when I write you next week I will only have 6 months left in the mission

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