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Because Nothing He Asks Us to Do Is Too Hard for Us (Week 66)

September 24, 2012

Wow, I am so awful. Here comes a few months worth of letters…I will

Dear Family and Friends,

Well it has been a good week i would say. We have had our ups and downs as always. We have been in the office a lot more that usual this week but as the week has winded down i sure am happy with how things are going here and i feel like we are on top of everything going on in the mission right now.

Its been pretty humid and hot here. As you know thats not a great mixture. Well ive just carried a white hankerchief in my pocket and use it on average every .478 minutes. I have sweated so much more here that i did last summer. but thats what we get for being so close to the ocean. Have i ever told you that im two blocks from the ocean. We avoid going over there but its super pretty.

Well last Sunday Maricarmen did come! it was our first investigator that we have had in church! So happy! she loved it and said she would like to come again. We are going to meet with her on Tuesday this week so i will keep you posted on her. We havnt been able to meet with any of our investigators this week. So, that kind of stinks. We learned that one of them is actually a less active member. Its funny how some people can get baptized and not realize they are members of the church. Ha. dont think that happens too often but when it does, its kind of obvious that someone didnt do a good job of explaining to her what she was doing. Well We have found another investigator this week. she is an Ex-investigator so she has heard it all before. we invited her to read the book of mormon with a true desire to search for the true church and not one that just meets her requirements. we have a return appointment with her tonight that i hope goes well . her name is Selena.

This week sure has gone fast. I dont know if ive told you this or not but our district meeting consists of us. The senior couple that works in the office with us. The Stevens. Elders Hall and Manning. and Melilla (africa) so we get to have district meeting over skype every week! cool. Its a little bit more complicated but we have worked out the bugs. my companion is the district leader.

So this week we also met with a less active member whose mother came to visit from bolivia, she IS active and requested that we visit them. both are coming to church this sunday and next week we are going to try and plan a family night with a single member in our ward who is lonely and needs company. we are going to try and match make a little so they can be friends and strengthen eachother. We taught them about being diligent in this life and doing all that the lord asks us to do. Because nothing he asks us to do is too hard for us. Mosiah 4:27

We have had to solve some office problems this week but all is now taken care of. Just stuff with angry landlords and uncleaned pisos that we moved out of. Also we have an apartment where the parking garage is too small for our mission vehicles and we have a senior couple who is trying to move out of that apartment. I usually get pretty involved with all of the Problems of the mission. Lastly i recieved a call from the area office this week asking about some wierd expendatures that were made back in april and may. I wasnt here during that time so i couldnt tell him but apparently they are throwing us way over our budget and its something that needs to be fixed.

Maybe that gives you a little better of an idea of what i get to do in the office. The problem solving is probably my least favorite part.
This week i wipped out my 4generation ped chart. Elder Hunt challenged me to use familly history in my contacts. Im going to see how that goes. I made a copy to put in my scriptures that i carry. Should be fun.
Everyone loves geneaology

Wow I hadn´t heard about those mission calls! thats great! its so exciting to get that call and know where you are going.
I hope they love thier missions. I sure do.

Yes, i live with Elder Manning and Hall. The 4 of us get to spend lots of time together. they arn´t in the office as much as we are but often they have stuff to do here. we always spend our pdays together and all sleep in the same room.
Elder Manning and I have lived together for 1/4 of our missions and still counting. Its been a lot of fun. Im closer to him than anyone else in the mission. Elder Hall is a great kid too. We all get a long great and have had some very fun times in our apartment……

Well I love you all so so much and hope you have a great week,
still praying for you,
Elder Nally

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