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AFRICA! (Week 71)

September 24, 2012

Que tal Familia querida y tan bonita,

I´m super sad to hear that Kimbrie mom and brynlee are not well. Get Will Soon! Thats good that you got some rain in AZ. I guess we are now moving away from summer and into fall cuz its cooler here too. That means I finished the last summer of my mission!
Im still super jealous that you all went to sugar camp. I cant wait to see some pictures. 
Chrysta emailed me the announcement! thats so cool! I will hopefully be home before they have the baby. 

So this week was probably one of the most memorable and quickest of my mission.
We had Zone Leader Council this week and so we were able to participate in that and get some good training from President Deere. It was a very spiritual experience as always. We are preparing to recieve Elder Kent F. Richards an Area 70 from the europe area presidency next week. He will be doing a mission tour here and doing lots of training. That will be lots of fun.

Lets see, what else did we do this week….
oh yeah, We went to AFRICA!!!!!!! This week we went on splitz with the elders in our district in Melilla. Which is a skip hop and a boat ride away from here. We left on thursday and took an 8 hour boat ride across the mediterranean sea Then we spent a whole day with them and left last night at 11:30 arriving to malaga at 8 o´clock this morning. Im super tired and got seasick on the boat and started throwing up, but other than that it was an amazing experience. 
They have a population of 80.000 and 80 percent are muslam and you cant even talk to them because they are so closed. Which, is understandable because for even mentioning another religion, you get shunned by your own friends and family and they decide they hate you instantly. Those elders are in a hard place but we went to be with them and do an interview for an upcoming baptism they will be haveing. The first in 20 years in that town. We worked super hard and actually set another baptismal date with a man from colombia who is a super good investigator. It was a really productive split and i learned a ton. (and got to go to africa)

During my mission i have now served on the European and African continent, I have been to Portugal and an english colony in spain and a spanish colony in Morroco. Thats pretty cool if you ask me. I feel super blessed and as dad said in his email I truly am in a very beautiful place. 

We lost lots of time in our area this week but Benny is still doing good. We are going out to do his interview tonight and if all goes well, Next saturday hes getting dunked. 

This week i was asked to give a talk in church so i will be preparing that today and then next week im playing and singing in church. I dont know how they found out i play because i dont tell people, but now i have to practice a lot this week so i dont embarass myself. 

Today we arent really doing Pday, we are just gonna catch up on all of the office work. I love you all and hope you have a great week.


Elder Nally




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