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A Smokin’ Week (Week 67)

September 24, 2012

Well…. Another Week Gone By,

This week was…. Pretty interesting. Last P-Day my companion and I went to the castle so I´ll be sending pictures of that. It was fun but there wasnt much to do at the top so we just took a couple pictures and came back home to rest. It was a great day at church. We taught a russian boy who was here on vacation. He didn´t speak english or spanish so we resulted to pictures and pointing to verses in his russian book of mormon. Uncle Mark proabably could have helped us a lot with that one. Its interesting that we get so many different tourists every week here that our class isnt constant at all. sometimes we have 1 and other times 8.

Well this Last monday we had a bit of an exciting adventure. I will first say that you can see pictures of what im about to tell you on our new mission blog. As I am thinking of this now, I don´t think Ive given you the new address for it. just follow this link

Well on monday we had our normal meeting in the office with president. Afterwards me and him were discussing some financial stuff from the mission and working with our budget. Well as we were finishing our meeting Elder Hunt came in and asked me if I had left the iron on in our apartment. My mind flashed back and I realized that stupidly I HAD forgoten to unplug the iron that morning. Elder Hall and Elder Manning had gone back with an elderly couple who were going to check our apartment. So conveniantly that weekend we had cleaned. and it was spotless. Instantly my heart dropped knowing something bad had happened and Elder Manning explained to Elder Hunt that our apartment was filled with smoke when they had entered and that there was a huge ashy mess in the main room. We ran home to see and sure enough the iron had fallen on the board and had caught fire. Our luck, or maybe a bit more than luck, was that the iron board had fallen into the middle of the room. being close to nothing, our whole apartment did NOT catch fire. For that I am so greatful. We had left the sliding door open to air out the rooms as we left them freshly moped that morning. Supposedly  one of our neighbors saw smoke, called the firemen and they entered through our 3rd floor balcony and found a convenient bucket of water that we had used to mop. they threw that and elder halls towel on the fire and left.

Well, I can say ive never heard so many fire jokes in my life, its been very embarassing as my companions have been telling everyone in the mission. And luckily enough the story made it on to the mission blog. So i feel like my punishment has been embarassment. It was just the start to a great week though. We found two new investigators, Benny and Jenny. We teach them in english. Jenny is from england but has lived all over the world. her son Benny is spanish by birth but learned english from her growing up. He has some depression and personality disorders but is a very smart person and has studied intricately the gospel from every angle he could get. He is an old investigator and has spoken with missionaries before, but he smokes and never could give it up even though he really wants to. We found him because we got a reference from Church Headquarters that he wanted a new english book of mormon. He and his mom explained to us how his fervent prayers and intense study of the Book of Mormon have helped him overcome most of his disabilities and he told us how bad he wants to be baptized. We set a baptismal date with him right there for the last day in august and his mother and him as well accepted the challenge. The only thing stopping him is his addiction to smoking therefor many prayers will be needed. We are excited to see what happens there.

This week Elder Manning lost the keys to thier car and the very same day elder hunt and i gave our car to another missionary couple who arrived in the mission. the 4 of us were going to try and share for 3 weeks till we get another car but Elder Manning frantically looked EVERYWHERE and could not find the keys. Eventually, after hours, he decided to call a boat company they had traveled with to melilla in africa earlier on in the week and they went looking on the boat and miraculously found it. we drove down and picked them up. Many tender mercies were shown this week.

Today we went to malaga and played soccer with a bunch of members. I think i scored 5 or 6 goals today.

They told me i was on ¨Fire¨…………..

Well hopefully you get as good of a laugh about it as they have. We have spent a good chunk of the week cleaning sut off of the walls and furniture as well as washing sheets and what not.

Hopefully this week leaves us a bit more proselyting time, we have tried meeting with maricarmen again but she has been busy. I´m excited for the upcoming weeks and what they hold. Especially the arrival of me PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!

I love you all so much,
Tened una buena semana,
Elder Nally

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