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6 Months (Week 73)

September 24, 2012

Hey Y´all,
It´s been a week full of learning and lots of hard work. Two things that I LOVE to do. Therefore, I SO LOVEED  this week.

First off, Shout out to Grandma Nally! Happy Birthday? What are you guys doing to celebrate? I love you very much Grandma Nally. Have a good one. This week was awesome! as i was saying last week we had Elder Kent F. Richards come and visit our mission this week. I got to meet him first here in the office when he and his wife came to a meeting here. It was great to meet them. He is a powerful man and you can just tell that a general authority was here when he entered the building. We also got to take care of some missionaries who came in the day before conference so that they could be there early the day of conference for a special leadership meeting. We had 10 people sleeping in our apartment that night. Then we had the meeting on wednesday morning and that was so neat. He started asking simple questions about what is a leader and what is his purpose. and then he talked about where that purpose comes from. using multiple seccions from the DandC but mostly focusing on Section 121 and getting in to each verse and what it means. The spirit was so strong and I learned so much about preordination and what it means to be a true leader.

Then right after that we had a 4 and a half hour meeting where he had all the time and invited random people to teach such as missionaries the APs or President and Hermana Deere. He also let his wife have some time. But he literally just directed the whole meeting based on the spirit and things that we said in answer to his questions. He told us that his preperation for the meeting consisted of his whole life and that he would completely speak to us the Lord´s words since he didn´t know us or what we needed. I was so impressed by him and managed to take some great notes as me and my companion switched off translating the meeting into spanish. he mainly stuck to two simple themes that he wanted us to understand. ¨Teach Pure Simple Plain Truths¨ and We want Quality conversions not a large number of baptisms. It was a lot of great council and I´m so glad for the experience we had to learn from him.

This week any extra time we had we spent knocking doors or in the street talking with people. We are currently out of investigators and need people to listen to our message. Please pray with us as we seek those elects. We know we will find them if we are diligent. We had some car epidemics in the mission. Speeding tickets, putting gas in a diesel car, and getting a car out from being impounded. I am in charge of the cars in the mission so That was the highlight of the office this week. Yesterday we went out to pick up an married missionaries couple after they had put gasoline in the diesel car and we couldnt find the station they were at. Finally we found them. Team search and rescue. We also helped out with taking the Deeres kids around this week since they have been traveling around the mission and thier kids have to go to school.

It´s been a crazy week as always. So today I just want to rest and get some laundry done. Anybody want a letter? maybe I will write some letters today if i have time.
Well I love you all and hope that we can be faithful unto keeping the commandments as we strive to endure to the end. I came across a very neat scripture that I liked this week
Moroni 8:25-26 teaches us how Living the Gospel and Developing Christlike attributes are one in the same.

I really like the way the Moroni puts it here.
Well I love you all so much
I will continue praying for you

Elder Nally
P.S. less than 6 months left…….

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