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“Time Flies When You’re Having Fun” (Week 64)

July 26, 2012

Hey Y´all,

Happy half way through july day!

THis month is going by so fast!
I can´t believe it but this week was the second Dia de Diamante and its already over!!!!

I have to say, we did very well. Elder Hunt and I got 49 futures for the whole day and the mission got 2627 futures in one day!!!! That was pretty crazy. We didn’t get 3000 but we definitely got enough to set our 200 fechas and get our 70 baptisms so we shall see how it goes!!!

Well this week was a lot of fun. They´re always fun but this last Monday through Wednesday we had transfers and that meant lots of work for us. I had to change a bunch of stuff on the mission website for the changes and get the new missionaries credit cards for their monthly money they receive. We prepared our presentations for the new guys and for their trainers and helped in the training as well. We spent most of that time at the mission home and driving people and going through the schedule. So, that left us little time in the office this week.

Friday we had a whole day to work in our area which was amazing! I have never worked so hard. Today im super tired haha. President Deere gave a very serious lesson to the trainers about how important their job is and the spirit was very strong in that meeting. I’m enjoying so much getting to be with him and get to know him.

Last sunday i taught sunday school to the youth which went well. The lesson was on Alma and Amulek. I love the story and reading how great of a companionship they were. Im in alma in my personal study as well and those are always some of my favorite chapters. So today we did some deep cleaning in our piso and then played monopoly, the 4 of us. I won both times. They say its because im the financial secretary…..I agree. ha ha.

So this week i got to go pick up some missionaries who are opening an area in malaga and i took them to thier new piso that i baught for them. I paid the full amount on tuesday and picked up the keys 30 min. before they arrived. Talk about cutting it close….. But i was informed late so it was a fun little adventure trying to make that work and lots of time on the phone.

So it sounds like everyone is enjoying thier summer. I am surprised at how much faster this summer is going compared to the last one. We often talk about how much time has gone by and how fast. It truly is easy once you´ve lost yourself in the work to forget yourself and your desires. Time flies when your having fun.
So yesterday we had planned to walk in a certain route as we talked to people in the street all day but we both felt impressions to go back onto a street we had already been on. As soon as we turned on to the street a man from chile who was cleaning tables of an outdoor restaurant recognized us and called us over. he had friends that were members and wanted us to come and get to know him in his house. We are excited to go and start teaching him and see what happens.
It truly was a day of miracels.

Well for the last hour of Pday we are going to play soccer with Pres. Deere and his kids and a couple members.
Should be lots of fun.

Love you all,
Hasta la proxima,
Elder Nally

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