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We Have a Car (Week 62)

July 11, 2012

okay, here is the letter that I lost. the real date is June 9th, so it fits in here somewhere…i will count it as Week 62 just to stay on track.

Dear Nally Family,

Buenos Días, How are you all doing? So today i realized how fast the rest of my mission is going to go. This last week flew by and we are already a third of the way through june. Soon we will be changing the mission president and there is so much to learn and do before that happens. It honestly leaves us little time for missionary work but with the time we do have we are blessed with many miracles. The Lord truly helps us when we do all we can first. So this week we had CONCILIO or counsil. which is for all of the zone leaders and we helped set up and serve food and clean up after. But, we were invited to sit in and participate as if we were zone leaders as well. it was a great experience being with such great missionaries and talking about all of these high goals we are setting for ourselves.

That was on Monday and Tuesday so we didnt work in our areas or in the office. Then we spent a lot of time getting ready in the office for some upcoming events. I have been debating contracts with a couple of super old spaniards this week who are going to rent new pisos to us. its been a little frustrating and stressful but at the same time fun trying to work with the people on a more business related level. We had a couple of meetings this week. one with president and all of the office staff to talk about the state of the mission.  Then we had a meeting this morning with the stake presidency to correlate the missionary work with the stake. Its been a lot of fun learning how to do everything and ive never been so tired in my life but i feel like its going to be very rewarding in the sense of the things im learning right now will help me in the business world. on the phone people call me Señor Nally because they dont understand elder is a title. they also dont understand the whole changing missionaries thing so some refuse to talk to me and only want to talk with my trainer elder staples. its funny. For Pday today we stayed in malaga after the meeting and looked at some stores. then a lds family from utah found us in the train station and they had lost thier daughters passport or rather it was stolen. they asked for help talking to the people on the cruise gate to see if they could get her on the boat with them. Now we are emailing and later we will be helping a senion missionary couple move houses and then go play some soccer with some people in the ward. This week we have Zone Conferences so we made a video and burnt 150 dvds so all the missionaries will get a copie. (that took a long time) they will show the video to say goodbye to the Cleggs. This will be thier last zone conference. Ummm, my bed is super squeeky but other than that we have a really cool apartment, (that needs to be cleaned today) and sometimes in the morning we go running in the street along the beach. me and elder manning have guitars and jam in the little freetime we have. We have a car. that i am learning how to drive. (ive stalled it a couple of times ) ha ha. And….I dont know what else to tell you. We took a senior couple of missionaries to the airport this week. they were reassained to west virginia to finish thier mission because there wasnt much for them to do here. We are just pretty much always doing chores around here and then trying to fullfill with our regular responsabilities.

Well, im happy and i love you all so much. hopefully you had a great week.

Elder Nally

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