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Lord’s Tender Mercies (Week 63)

July 11, 2012


Its another week gone by and I am happy to report that we found 5 new investigators this week!!!!!! Those friends that Hermana Beatriz invited over for family night are all listening to our message and even invited more of thier friends to listen as well. The Lord´s Tender Mercies have been evident this week as many of my prayers were answered. So now Lurdes and Luciflor and vicky and limber and luis and piedad all need to be prayed for as we start teaching them and inviting them to be baptized. Also, please continue praying that we find more investigators. This next transfer (which starts on monday) is going to be good. i can feel it.

The work truley is moving forward here as we prepare this week for another Dia de Diamante! for those none spanish speakers out there that means Diamond Day. We will be launching ourselves forward with another full day of finding throughout the whole mission. we are going to see super miracles coming out of what we will be doing.
Next Friday, after having fasted and planned as a whole mission for this one day, we will try and do something insanely huge that never has been thought possible before in this mission. We are going to find 3,000 potential investigators as a mission and with those people who we start teaching, set 200 baptismal dates by the end of July. in the month of August, our baptismal goal goes from 33+ per month (which we are creaming that goal right now) to a whopping 70 baptisms in the month of August. Its something that if you said to us as missionaries in spain a year ago we would have laughed at. But, now with the amazing culture we have in our mission of obedience and faith and urgency and excitement for the work, we want to do great things. This is going to be one of the coolest memories from our missions and i am VERY excited for it. I wont let one person walk by me that day without hearing my testimony and I would appreciate greatly your prayers for us as a mission this week.

Well tell the farleys contratulations for me. Its so fun to hear about all the changes. Im sure it will be a lot of fun getting used to home again and all of the things that are different. This week we talked a lot about what we need to do to be the men we want to be when we get home. We had some very mature conversations and im setting a lot of goals recently. I want to use every moment i have as a missionary as best as i can.

If I can i would just like to clearly state so that everyone knows… THE MISSION IS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE!

Repeat: this is single-handedly the best and most productive use of my time. Ive never felt so much inflow and out pouring of love. Ive never seen my testimony grow SO much before. I can honestly say that I love my mission and I would never change it.

Sometimes i dont share things on here and sometimes i forget to and sometimes I´m tired but I feel like i should let you all know how happy i really am out here and how dedicated i am to what im doing and WHO im serving. I know who i am serving and I feel honored to do it.

This week we went to Zone conference and had Zone leader council and it was a feast of knowledge. I learned a lot and am keeping a spiritual journal of promptings and goals and quotes and things ive learned in the mission. Lets jusst say I filled up a few pages this week. Transfer calls were made and with all of the lost time in the office ive been behind on work and tonight we are going to catch up. But, today we had the opportunity to go to GIBRALTER!!!!! Finally! we got to go with President Deere and his family and it sure was a blast!. I am sending pictures.

In other news, its been a year since Elder Manning and I got locked out of our piso on July 4th 2011. We celebrated with a good american barbaque and some motab american folk lore.

It was a very very good week and I am excited for this next one. Till next saturday.

I love you all so much
Elder Nally

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