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The Changing of the Guards (Week 61)

July 5, 2012
Hey all,
Happy Birthday Tanner!! I´m surprised no one mentioned it. I would have thought that that you all would have done something super cool this week for Tanner´s birthday, But i guess being on vacation for your birthday is pretty cool. I love you stud. And havn´t heard from you in a while……
So The Changing of the Guards….It went very well. President Deere and his family are so cool. They were very tired from their trip but still came with a lot of energy and excitement. We are lucky to have him and it wont be a difficult change at all. I will miss President Clegg dearly. He was an amazing leader but it is time for him to go home and be with his family. So President Deere is already running around learning the ropes, he just wants to go work with the missionaries and do splits with everyone which is different from Pres. Clegg but really cool to watch. He speaks great spanish already. I will send pictures next week mom! sorry i havnt really been taking any so there are none to send home. But next week i promise to have some.
So It´s been a super hectic week. Among our normal chores and responssabilities came many things that needed to be fixed in regards to the new president. Plans were prepared and we decided what to do with them on thier first day. Amidst all of that crazyness we had a car broken into and another cars rim bent and wheel popped so we had a bunch of car problems to take care of. ON top of all of this I was in charge of moving three companionships across the mission into thier new pisos and had some great surprises along with that. But, now that its all done and over with, this week we will be able to enjoy getting to know president clegg and our week is full of zone leader council and zone conferences and then next week is already transfers! I cant believe that its been almost a full transfer here already. One down. July is going to be an amazing month. Just so you all know, as a mission we have over 200 baptisms in the year and are on track to meet our goal of 404+ baptisms for the year. Its very exciting to see.  Last year in the month of june we only baptized 20 and this year we are well over thirty. There has been an increase of faith and miracles in the mission. We have a very obedient mission. If anyone is not obedient, they stick out like a sore thumb and are encouraged by everyone around them tho consecrate them selves to the work.
Its been a great week. Most of our time spent in the office getting prepared but i do have a great story to tell you that happened to us on Wednesday.
We had visited a family in our ward a few weeks back to try and get to know them and we asked her for references. (This lady has been asked many times by every missionary that has come through here.) And she told us that, I have been asked so many times elders….But she thought about it and said, I need to invite some of my friends. We felt inspired to tell her our situation, that we were new and knew no one and needed her help. She took the challenge and we expected to hear from her after a week or so. the following saturday she called us and said maybe on tuesday i can have a friend over. i will talk to all my friends i see today. She ended up scheduling a Family night on wednesday with 3 of her best friends and told us in church on sunday i have 3 refernces for you and they will all be at my house on wednesday night. Well we went and taught an amazing lesson about true happiness and how to find the truth about life and god. They absolutely loved it and one of the ladies really opened up and said, i am looking for the church with the fruits of the lord. Yet have i been able to find it and i would like to get to know more of this church. We have an appointment with her to return tomorrow.
Its amazing to see how much better it works when members invite thier friends to listen. They are so much more receptive and so much more likely to accept the gospel. It was a tender mercy of the lord to recieve 3 new investigadors in one day when we had none for 2 weeks. and all are from Paraguay FYI.
So We picked up President Deere and his family yesterdayl and showed them around town and to thier new home. Today The ap´s went to go and answer any questions he has about the mission. So Elder Hunt and I are flying solo. I will probably just relax and write some letters and do some studying of the new general conference magazines that we just got last week.
I love you all so much and I hope you know and feel it,
I always pray that you do
Elder Nally
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