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Life in the Office (Week 60)

July 5, 2012
Ok, so I think I am missing one letter that goes before this one. Unfortunately, I am at college and do not have access to it currently. So really, this is probably Week 61, and I will try to get the other email and just post it later.
Hola Familia,I Love you all so much. Its good to hear from you. I am here in the office. Today we went to play some soccer with all the missionaries in Malaga and then came back and did some food shopping. Its been a fast pday as we only have a few hours left in the day.
It was a great week this week tho. On monday we had a bit of a bummer day, we had to take a missionary home and President and the APs and our trainers had already left so President called us and asked us to go pick them up and take care of them untill the church sent us his travel plans. so they stayed the night and then we emailed his family to notify them that he was going home. We got the plans so Tuesday afternoon we took him to the airport and sent him home. he had just come into the mission 3 weeks ago and was having a hard time adjusting.
Elder Barahona was his companion at the time so he was with us as well and i got to catch up with him a bit. Then we dropped him off in malaga to wait for his new companion and we came home and got some work done in the office since we had last a lot of time with that deal. We taught english classes and only had 2 hours to work that night. our first 2 hours of pros time in the week. Thats kind of the stinker part is there is no time ever to work in our area. Its a different kind of work President told us. we keep the mission running. I litterally pay over 100 bills each week just for the appartments we have. To answer dads question, yes, im picking up pretty quick. i no longer need elder staples to be right over my shoulder and although i would love to have a little more time with him here. he is already leaving to his new area in jerez. so i am officially with elder hunt now. who is awesome by the way. he is from virginia.
On Monday to Tuesday we were the only ones here in the office since everyone else was traveling the mission for zone conferences. Our Zone conference was on Thursday morning in malaga. we had our last conference with the cleggs and it was kind of sad to know that was the last time we would here from them. That afternoon we had to do what we would have done in that morning, in the afternoon. So, going into Friday we had 7 hours of pros time in the week. kind of a busy week tho. Yesterday we got to work and we taught a lesson to the drunk guy, don’t know if you remember me telling you about jose antonio  but he is still drunk and is having a really hard time giving up alcohol. We probably wont keep teaching him too much longer because there is not much else we can do for him. I feel really bad for him because he lives in the streets. It just goes to show that those things are designed to ruin our lives and they do if we fall into their trap.
So that brings us to today. We are going to relax a little in the apartment since we are all so tired. its been a nonstop week and my mind is more tired than my body. its a wierd feeling. So does kaitlyn have a new email address that i should send the emails to?Super cool that you guys are going to be with the mannings again. we will talk to president and see what he says. I will let you know before next weekend what we will be doing. I love you guys so much
Enjoy your vacations!!!
Elder Nally
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