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He Has a Cool Chair (Week 59)

June 6, 2012
Hey everyone! how is it going in AZ!!!
Im sitting here writing you from my own computer in the mission office in fuengirola spain. It pretty insane that im here. i never thought of this happening in my mission. but it feels like a great honor and its already been one of the coolest weeks of my mission.
So last monday we had my last pday in cartagena. i started to pack my bags and we hung out a little bit with the other missionaries elder stoner (who was the secratary when i arrived) and elder roa. we ate at burger king and went to a couple of stores to look at stuff nd then went back to the piso and we played risk. It was a good day. then we only had two hours to work but we found a new investigator and taught a less active. then we went to help get elder stoner on a bus because he was leaving to go home! he is super excited and it was my first time being by an elder who was finishing his mission. now i will be bringing them to the airport. Then we were a trio for 2 days and actually did splitz with a youth in our ward on tuesday and i went to go and say good bye to some people since it was my last day. Then i finished packing and went to bed. Early on wednesday i got on a bus and bus hopped for 9 hours untill i got to malaga. then i took a little light rail that goes down the coast (super close to the beach) untill i arrived to fuengirola ( we call it fuen) then i was awaiting someone to come pick me up and a randomly saw 2 elders who 1 i havnt seen for a long time (mtc) and the other i didnt recognize Elder Banbury and Elder Peters. (elder banbury is the elder from glendale) they told me he was training and all of the trainers and thier new hijos (hijo means son and its our version of saying greeny)  were running around fuen doing thier first contacts. well i met up with all of them and the APs Elder Manning and Elder Hall showed up with a huge van as well as the old secretaries and we all went to the mission home (after dropping my stuff off) the train station, office, and our piso make a triangle and it takes 10 seconds to walk to each one. its soooo close. We went to the Mission Home where President and Hna Clegg recieved us and 3 other new missionaries. I went to work right then and oriented them (with the help of elder staples) on how the financial side of thier mission works. They found out who thier new trainers were and then we all ate dinner.
The next day, we set out to work. Thursday and Friday morning Elder Staples trained me on how to do my basic duties, reporting to the church on our expenses. its called journaling. reembursing the missionaries for thier travel expenses. and working with landlords on contracts. starting them terminating them and renewing them. He will probably be with me for another week and a half to two weeks. depends on how quickly i get things figured out.  I have my own desk space and computer and files and safe and its basically like any other office. i have a cool chair .
So then in our pros time we taught a guy name Señor Lopez. He is a town drunkard. one day he was in a library and found a book of mormon that one of our members had left there whith his testimony and info there. he read it all and knows its true. he consideres himself a converted mormon and when he walks around drunk in the street preaches repentance. he was super drunk when we taught him but we are going to try to clean him up and he said he wants to change and be baptized so we will see. this one will need lots of faith and prayrs tho.
Yesterday we did a service project moving some recent converts into thier new home. It was a good project and we had lots of help so it went pretty quick. and today being Pday, we went with president and hermana clegg to a place called Estema which is a little white wash town with a cool castle. just passed antequera. It was an awesome day and i will send pictures. We had a picnic and then they brought us home so we could shop and do email. tonight we are going to do some hard finding. (i am going to work harder than ive ever worked before) and we are going to find some miracles because we need new investigators and we dont have much work here because they already baptized all investigators they had.
We want 2 baptisms this transfer which is a lot for the secretaries but we have set some high goals and are going to push ourselves.
 I cant remember the rest of the questions but i have to go soon and still have to send pictures and info about getting me an international liscense. yes we have a car. i will be learning to drive stick…….wish me luck
I love you all so much,
Love Elder Nally
Elder Hunt likes to scare new missionaries with the jamon leg.
Passing by Antequera.
President and Hermana Clegg with Elder Thornley (secretary training Trevor’s new companion, Elder Hunt).
Gypsie PJs.
Elder Hunt “walking on air” because he is so excited! Below is Elder Manning and Elder Hunt.
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