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Exciting CALLING News! *A Must Read* (Week 58)

June 6, 2012

Sorry these are a late…but SO worth reading!

Hey everyone!

hope you are all enjoying Mexico!!!!!! I super jealous that you are all down there. But, I hope you have a great time without me. So this week was kind of crazy, we found out that Fernando is still going to send his girfriend off but its going to take a couple weeks. So keep praying for him. The bummer is that no one got baptized in the month of may, but they all still have plans to do it in the following weeks. The down side to that is that i wont be here.
I recieved a phone call from President Clegg this week. He called me into the office as a financial secretary. I will be traveling down to Fuengirola (a pueblo of malaga) the day after tomorrow. President told me on the phone, are you ready for the big change of your mission Elder Nally?)
so what does this mean?
I will probably be there for the next 6-7 months of my mission.
I will be in the office for 5 hours every day and only have 4 hours of proseliting work every day.
I will be very stressed out.
I will be bringing President Clegg to the Airport in a month and bringing in and ORIENTING the new mission president.
Im pretty excited but at the same time very nervous. This is my first calling in the Mission. Ive enjoyed being a normal missionary without other responsabilities but I guess the Lord has called me to another side of the work now. I am very happy with this last transfer we had. Even though i wont be here we have prepared a lot of people for baptism and i will hear about those baptisms as i will be communicating with all the missionaries in the mission. My new companion is Elder Staples from Arizona.
Utah comps 3
Arizona comps 4
winning again.
He will be training me while the other secretary Elder Thornley trains my future companion. when they finish training us they will leave and it will be up to me and Elder Hunt. (virginia)
So this week we spent a lot of time teaching and actually had to drop some old investigators who wont progress any more and wont read or come to church so we had to tell them that we will pass by less often but they are always welcome to come and be with us in the church. Its one of the hardest parts of the mission for me is dropping investigators because you want them to recieve the blessings but they still have thier agency.
So one of my new room mates is Elder Manning. He called me this week. He is pretty excited as am i. he is my best friend from the mission and one of my favorite companions as well. It will be fun to be around him again.
In other news a big deal is being made in the mission now of how they reopened a closed area in AFRICA!!!! it belongs to our mission because there are 2 spanish colonies on the african continent that have very small branchs. Two very good elders were brought over there this week and now of course every missionary will be praying to go there for the rest of thier missions. ha ha. its pretty cool though. Also as a mission we have been working sooo hard this month and our monthly goal for baptisms is 33+ but this month we wanted 50+ so far we have 46 and 3 more today………we got soooooo close. but that was the goal and the Lord helped us so much. We currently have 178 baptisms this year and want to send President and Hermana Clegg home with 225 as a going home gift (almost as much as they baptized thier first year in this mission) we are growing so fast here in the Spain Malaga Mission and it is a huge blessing to be a part of it. My old companion Elder Walton is coming to take my place here. Hopefully i see him in crozzing the country on wednesday. we tend to see eachother on the bus layovers.
So My pdays will now be on saturdays im informed so try and write me before then and i will let you know what lies in store for me in Fuengirola.
Elder Nally.
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