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Make Our Weaknesses Into Our Strengths (Week 57)

May 21, 2012
Hey Family!!!
I love you all so much. Thanks for the emails and pictures this week. It sounds like its summer time. everyone out of school this week. and headin down to mexico. i cant wait to go and be able to talk with everyone down there. I hope you all have a sage journey and take lots of pictures because i dont have a lot of pictures from there. So ya, ill start with dads questions.
How are you?  Im doing great. we had another great week. we have been working with all of our investigators trying to help them prepare for baptism. Im always tired but i suppose thats a good thing cuz it means im working hard.
What did you do this week?  This week we had ZONE CONFERENCE! It was fun to see Elder Lyman and Elder Manning and catch up with them as well as some other missionaries i know. It was a great conference and some amazing talks were given to us about how to be better missionaries. I left with some great inspiration and ideas on how to improve. And then it was just a lot of hard work visiting all of our investigators. Fernando is trying to send his girlfriend thats living with him to romania to live with her daughter as both of them have committed to live the law of chastity and allow fernando to be baptized. that was a pleasant surprise of this week.
Are you keeping a journal and how often do you write in it?  yes i am. i suppose we could say i write in it everyday but usually what happens is i get 3-7 days behind and i catch up in it. But i have recorded every day of my mission so far. its been difficult cuz im not a great journal keeper but so far so good. im in my third journal.
Do you have a ward mission leader in this ward? yes, i met him this week. he doesnt help us a lot even though he wants to. he just got married and back from his honeymoon. he studies in another city and arrives and hour and a half late to citas. That was my first experience with him this week. but hes a great guy and hopefully now that he is here he can start helping us out with some stuff. unfortunately our ward here isnt to excited for missionary work but we are starting to see that change which is really good
 How are all the investigators doing? they are doing good. There is always something that comes up the week before the baptism but we are hoping to be able to figure this one out. Fernando should be getting baptized this weekend and al throughout the next month we should be having 2 or 3 baptisms so im excited but still just doing my best to try and help these people.
Pray for
Fernando and Livia
Juana and Jose and Family
and i will let you know next week if everything goes well with the baptism.
So i suppose this week as i have been studying the scriptures one thing keeps jumping out at me….As we get comfortable in our lives and we start to enjoy our blessings its very easy to forget sometimes the hand of the Lord and what he does for us. When we forget, we start to become prideful (thinking that what we have we earned) and the Lord might put us through a trial to fix our attitudes. i think ive seen this way too many times in my life. im trying to really give true thanks all the time to Him and keep myself from becoming pridefull. I always share one of my favorite scriptures with people. Ether 12:27, Let us all Come unto the Lord so that he will humble us and make our weaknesses into our strengths. I know he is doing this for me right now and i hope that you all know how much i love and think about you.
Have a great week.
Elder Nally
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