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COOLEST WORST Eating Appointment (Week 56)

May 21, 2012
it was awesome being able to talk to you all yesterday. It made me so happy to see you all and hear how you are doing. I am sorry the camera was blurry and the internet was not working well. I hope that you all gave a great day to mom. It has been a crazy week here in Cartagena. Its been getting pretty hot and humid which i dont like. This week we had a fhe at the bishops house with one of our investigators which was great. then we went aroung like crazy on tuesday and taught a bunch of lessons to our many investigators we have and also had our weekly district meeting. I like how close we are to the church. it saves so much time in travel. We found this lady who got baptized when she was 15 but has been less active for 30 years and we met her and invited her to church (she came) We also went out to a pueblo to work with some investigators who are trying to get baptized (the not married ones) and we continued finding new investigators. Everyday has been filled with lots of walking and contacting in the street and teaching and finding. i fell asleep late almost every day because ive been sick so at this point in the week honestly i was feeling pretty tired and just uncomfortable but the Lord truly blessed me with strength.
On thursday we planned our next week and then we went to the bus station to pick up the zone leaders. i went back to murcia with one of them to do splitz and we had a great afternoon and i got to know elder pierce from syracusse utah. he is a very good leader and i learned a lot from him.On saturday we ate with two investigators. the first meal was a chicken and ribs roast with potatoes and carrots and onions. it was very delicious and a common romaian dish.  we also  ate with the african investigators…… i have to tell you about this one.
We ate something called fufu. they use a dried potatoe powder and flour and water to make a tasteless sticky mass that is thick and could be compared to playdoh. Then they made a soup out of some wierd ingriedients that i didnt know what they were, and…. goat, fish (the whole fish bones eyes and all)  and mushrooms. then, they put a napkin in your shirt and these two huge bowls as well as a huge bowl of water. and you grab some fufu, with your hands. and dip it in the soup. and put it in your mouth, occasionally everyone cleans thier hands in the bowl. the same one bowl. IT was the COOLEST WORST eating appointment ive had on my mission so far.
Yesterday i told you about sunday and talked with you all. So ya, its been an amazing week and im very excited to have another one like the last one.
I love you all so much and i hope you all have a great week.
Elder Nally
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