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8 Baptisms in 3 Weeks (Week 55)

April 30, 2012

Pues…Hola Familika

 How are you all doing this week. It sounds like Mom and Dad had a great week. I am so happy for you all. I apologize for the lack of excitement in my last email. I can assure you 100% that i am excited. I was soooo  tired from waking up super early after going to bed late and honestly i think i fell asleep while writing it.
I can honestly say ive never had so much work to do in my life. Elder Dangerfield and I have been very blessed as we both have worked very hard these last two weeks. As well two very great missionaries were called to travel the mission and be with every companion to help out for 4 days a piece. We had the luck to have them first!! they brought a lot of excitement and a lot of faith. We worked so hard and saw many miracles.
Lets just say we went from Enrique being baptized tomorrow to on top of that, Betty from Bolivia the following week and in the same service, sasha from argentina will be baptized as well as diego and his son christian from peru, fernando from ecuador and his romanian wife livia, then tonight we are baptizing cecilia who we found last night.
8 baptisms in 3 weeks. Pray that each and every one of them can fullfill thier goals of following the Lord and complete all of thier commitments we leave with them.
So there is honestly too much to tell you  from this week. I started in Molina and Murcia on monday and tuesday working with elder brown. we also set a baptismal date with one of thier investigators. It was a very fun experience but i was ready to get back in to my own area which i dont know that well yet. Wednesday and Thursday we worked on getting me registered in the city and meeting all of our investigators having not seen them for 3 or 4 days. we set a baptismal goal with Betty who is awesome and want to be cleansed of her sins and follow jesus christ. she has a cute little 3 or 4 year old daughter camila and wants to raise her right. Then on friday Elder White and Pederson came and we got to go with each one for two days. We worked so hard and set 6 baptismal dates with our investigators and other miracle investigators we found. we talked to EVERYONE and wrote down the address and phone number of 116 people who said we could share this message with them another day.  Yesterday Elder Pederson and I went to a pueblo to pick up a lady who CALLED US and asked to go to church. The Ward didnt help us go get her for church so for two weeks she didnt come. finally we called her back and arranged for her to come. While riding back with her in the car we set a goal for her the saturday after this one. then we felt to move it up to this saturday. She has many family members in ecuador who are members but for some reason never baptized herself. She shared her testimony in the gospel principles class that the book of mormon was true ( i recieved revelation to teach a lesson on the scriptures) and all of our jaws dropped with amazement. She is so ready and asked us to do it as soon as possible so, last night we reviewed ALL the lessons with her and interviewed her and shes ready. Tonight we are holding a service for her after a stake activity.
I cant thank the Lord enough for the miracles i am seeing on my mission.
Its the best thing to invite someone to come to Christ and later watch them do it. I challenge all of you back hope to tell your friends that they can talk with the missionaries to learn of the one thing that truly makes us happy in this life.
The church is true!
Elder Nally
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