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From Murcia (Week 54)

April 25, 2012
Hola Familia,
This week was a great week honestly. I had to say some good byes in Algeciras which was hard and then had a very 11 hour long bus ride to Cartagena. I got to go with Elder Lyman and he kept going on the bus when i got off in my new area. Cartagena is awesome. Its the biggest place ive served in so far. There are 3 wards here and 6 missionaries. 2 for each ward. We are the Cartagena 1st ward and even though we have a third of the city its large and might take some time to learn it well. We have about 65 people in our ward that attend on a regular basis and An investigator named Enrique who is preparring to get baptized. He said he would get baptized every day if he had to so im thinking this one will go through. (on the 12th of may) we have been working very hard. Elder Dangerfield is a great companion. I am excited to be here with him. We have come home every night SOOOO tired from all of the walking and chasing people down on the streets. Ive felt like this last week was one of the best weeks in my mission. Im excited for this transfer. To answer your question dad, my companion is 3 weeks younger than my in the mission and he is the DL so technically i am the senior companion because im older, but, senior and junior comp isnt really a big deal in this mission. president doesnt say anything to you about it when he calls for transfers. so, we switch of carrying the phone and work as a team, with Elder Lyman I was the Junior comp but was more outgoing and he is more shy and hated carrying the phone so i carried it all the time. I guess it just depends on how you work with your companion. I havnt had any leadership in the mission. I guess it just hasnt been my turn yet, but Presidents really good about doing what the Lord asks. its not uniform at all. People train from 6 weeks in the mission untill when they are leaving in 6 weeks. anyone can be called as anything at any moment and Presidents assignments usually surprise us. I have enjoyed staying out of the leadership positions and working as a normal missionary without extra responsabilities.
This week Im writing you from Murcia because im staying with Elder Brown while our companions go to a DL training in malaga. i will be working with him in his area called Molina and spending pday today with him and the Zone Leaders. I think we are going bowling. i will let you know more on that next week.
Then later this week we have the traveling trainers coming to teach us how to work better with the area book and the menos activos. im excited to  be getting some training from them.
Ummm, I still havnt met most of the members here but this week we have set some appointments to go and eat with them and meet some families.
So yup, im now on the opposite side of the mission. its getting hotter now as i think we are welcomeingsummer. its deathly hummid here so pray for me.
also pray for enrique and that we can find more people to baptize soon cuz im hoping to have a lot of success in this area.
I love you all so much, everyone give hugs and kisses to grandma and grandpa nally for me.
Your all awesome,
Elder Nally
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