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Cartagena with Elder Dangerfield! (Week 53)

April 16, 2012

Hello Nally Family,

 It sure sounds like you had another busy week. Its wierd hearing about all the changes going on. i still remember home as how it was 1 year ago. I think above everything im excited to eat at this new smash burger. its been a while since ive had a real american burger. ha ha. Someone send a big congradulations to Charlee for me. I consider her as one of my best friends and am truly happy for her. unfortunately its hard to express that via email and from the other side of the world.
Also to the ex preist quorum that are all leaving on missions. im proud of them and wish them the same amazing experiences im having here. When Sam gets home, dad, please give him the biggest hug you can and tell him its from me. Thank you for telling me all the news. its crazy how fast time goes. ill be home sooner than we think  i guess.
to answer your questions. i know your all dying to know what is happening this week…………
 Did you get the package that I sent this week?  Did you get the letters and pictures that we sent separately?
yes i recieved everything this week and i was a very happy boy to have recieved all of your letters. thank you all so much. i love the shirt and the chocolate frog was delicious. is suppose its a good thing it arrived this week tho because………….
Are you staying in Algeciras or going?

Going. I recieved a call from president this week. I am going to serve in a new area with a new companion.
I don´t know if you remember but one of the missionaries who i roomed with in the spain mtc was an Elder Dangerfield. he was later my district leader in malaga, well now he is my companion! im going to serve with him in Cartagena and im very excited for that. Cartagena has 3 large wards so this will be my first time in a ward in the mission. i have heared from verious sources that i will be eating very well.
Are you going to get to see Gibralter this week?

Sadly, i must report to you that i never knew the rock of Gibraltar. Not because i didnt want to, just because my companions never did or we had other things we needed to do or this excuse or that one. Im dissappointed to say the least but i look at it as an excuse to come back to spain in the near future and make the hike to the land of the monkeys. who knows, maybe i will have other opportunities during the mission to be in this side of the mission.

Are you and your companions healthy again?
yes, por fin we are all well and had a great week of hard work. and now i will speak of that.
This week we had what was called Dia de Diamante or Diamond Day. we spent all day in the street talking and teaching to find new people to teach. we had the opportunity to fast before as well and as a mission we found 1400 future investigators and some of those are already baptized. it was truly a day full of miracles as my faithful companions and i found 53 of those. we were the highest number in the mission. I love contacting so it was a really fun day. We found one tru miracle that i know was just waiting for us. We talked to her and she said, dont i know you? and we didnt think so but she says, no from the heavens….. do you have some important message that i need to hear…….well yes, we do actually!!!! it was a really cool experience to fall in to the bed with my clothes on and before i closed my eyes i was asleep. It was a special day in the mission and we are excited to see the fruits of those efforts.
Today we are cleaning the piso and packing the bags because Elder Lyman as well is leaving to torrevieja and my old companion elder mendoza is coming to take my place.
In other news, my old friend Elder Manning is the new Assistant to the President. That was some fun news. I will get to see him again soon.
Well i guess i will have a lot to tell you next week after another change. I love you all so much and thank you for everything you have done for me. I miss you all greatly and love you even more
Elder Nally
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