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Who Said Semana Santa Was Difficult? (Week 52)

April 9, 2012

Good morning to all of you who are soon waking up in the USA.

 I love you all so much. This week, dont know how much you know about this, is a very famous week in SPAIN. the holy week. or Semana Santa is probably the most dreaded week of the year when it comes to missionary work. It is the hardest to meet with our investigators as everyone marches the streets in processions of strange costumes and crosses and virgins and saints and worship floats. Everyone seems to be especially more catholic this week and even those of other religions use it as an excuse to take of work and school and get out of town. I must admit i was very excited for this week as we had made plans to defeat the adversaries efforts.
We did it.
we taught 20 lessons this week which is more than ive taught for 4 months. we found 8 new investigators as well as 8 future investigators recieved refferences, contacted them, reinactivated less active families had countless spiritual experiences AND all while me and my two great companions were sick.
who said semana santa was difficult?
I will refer you to the mission blog to find out more about that.
Also, this week I realized that summer will be here soon. It rained a good part of the week but these last two days have been warning us of summer. I definately need to buy some more short sleeved shirts, my sweating destroyed the ones i had from last summer. i will start searching and see if i can find a place to buy some inexpensive yet well built short sleeve shirts. Next week ill let you know more about that.
earlier this week we said goodbye to my good friend Gualberto who is traving back to bolivia to work on his home. its sad because he is such a nice man and has us over every week to eat amazing food but he needs to go back home. We already miss him.
we also started to teach a great argentinan man. he is very firm that the book of mormon is not true and he wont change religion but we will see about that when he hears our great message of the restoration.
Domingo is still doing good. we went and watched the first session of conference with him. it was his first time hearing a prophet speak. he loved it and it was awesome for us to hear that session as well.
Honestly this week was just a lot of working and working. Im super tired but it was such a good feeling to come home everyday and fall in the bed annd feel successful.
This week i hit my hump day yes. nuf said. i burned a shirt and am sending pictures of that. in one year from now i will be home with you all.
So last night my companion started feeling very nautious and throwing up. Elder Barahona was told he should rest but he is restLESS and wanted to go to a appt we had set so we went. they prepared food for us and he ate and then all night was up heaving. It wasnt like sleeping to the sound of an ocean. thats for sure. Please pray for him so that he will feel better and that we will be able to continue working. today me and elder lyman are playing nurse and doctor on him. ha ha.
Today we were planning on going to Gibraltar but due to the conditions it will be put off one more week. Next week i will inform you on what is happening with transfers on the 18th. What do you think am i staying or going. I will give you a hint…….1 nephi 13:22
i love you all very much.
Elder Nally
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