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Domingo Garcia (Week 49)

April 2, 2012

Hey everyone! I love you all so much,

I just would like to say first off that the gospel is true. We had an amazing baptismal service with (37 years) Domingo Garcia this saturday. it all went relatively smoothly except for the fact that he is a really big guy and was nervous so he got dunked at least 7 times. It was perfect tho because we had brought everyone back into the other room after the first try and they did it in private while everyone else watched a neat video about the beliefs of church members (piso find) I was asked to speak and did so and also played the piano…….its finally hit me that i might have to do this from time to time in my mission. I usually tell them that i cant but for Domingo i couldnt say no. Anyway, i guess i will just have to practice more hymns.  I just sent a picture of us with him before the baptism. So afterwards we put on a nice little luncheon for those that came. we had soda and chips and bolivian empanadas and mexican fajitas and a nice spanish cake for dessert. Called Biscocho. It was probably the smallest group of people in a baptism ive seen thus far with only 15 people there but the spirit was as strong as ever and i was very happy with how smoothly everything went. it had been way too long since my last baptism. The next day we had a couple of new investigators in church. Hasnae is from Morroco and has left the muslim religion to follow her savior. her “husband” they arnt married but have a 4 year old child and have been together for 5 years. His name is Jose Luis and is spanish and both attend different denomenations of the evangelical church. They really enjoyed a spiritual weekend with us and you can keep them in your prayers as we are going to try and get them in the water here withing the next 3 or 4 weeks. We also met a great chap from england who stopped us in the street. He is a christian “missionary” he travels around doing good and gooing where he feels the Lord calls him. He is an amazing guy who understands so much of the Bible and has many great questions about the Book of Mormon and why its necessary. Hopeing to see some success with him as well. We found 5 new investigaators this week and were very blessed for that.

We also had splitz earlier this week and i got to know Elder Fawkes from Mesa, Arizona. We had a good day together. He is very new in the mission and gets down on himself for his spanish but we learned a lot together and it was really wierd as i reallized im not very young in the mission anymore. i wont accept that im at my year mark yet because technically i only have 11 months. When I got back we went to work having lost a bit of time in traveling for splitz and pday and knowing we had a lot to do wi9th the baptism. We worked really hard in the time we had and pulled out some great lessons and great new people to teach. im excited for all of the things we have going on here in Algeciras. Its going to be awesome.

In other news. i dont want to share this but suppose i should. (Quick someone grab mom and tell her everything is ok and not to worry) I have a pretty bad ingrown toenail that was bothering me at the beggining of the week. Its serious enough that i probably have to go get it cut off. Im not in Africa ok so dont worry the medical programs here are european and they will take care of me. I am going to see the specialist tomorrow to see what he needs to do. the only conflict would be money because ive spent 90% of my emergency fund that i once had between little travel things and delivery prices and what not. I have also gone through the money i pulled out for my birthday. So, the resolution. The church will reemburse me and give me my birthday money i had to use as well as make sure that the insurance company pays for what ever the guy charges me. i do need dad to send me my social security number. I think i know it but would like to make sure. Then i need to get my emergency fund back up because the office people in the mission told me so. and maybe dad if you could just email me ASAP and ill check on here tomorrow before going to the doctor to make suure everything is ok.  Honestly. Im fine. dont worry. its just a little thing i need to take care of so it doesnt get worse and cause bigger problems. The mission doctor is constantly on me over the phone to make sure im taking care of it and he told me to tell my mom not to freak out. hes taking care of me.

Other good news. The Zone Conference i was supposed to have got moved which saved me on the financial side and on haveing time in our area this week. it was a blessing and we will end up having it towards the end of this week.

Well This week over all was kind of crazy and full of excitement wasn´t it but over all I had a lot of time dedicated from my studies to how i can be a better teacher and one thing i focused on this week was how the spirit and the book of mormon are two key  and necessary things in the conversion of anyone. we must make sure that we are living in a way that we can recieve the spirit and gain a testimony through our reading of the book of mormon. How are all of your book of mormon readings goining. are you still challenged to read it all the way through. if not i challenge you to do it. Its such a wonderful book. I love it so much and hope that you all know that i know what im doing is right. Its a fun thing serving a mission. I learned to love my mission before i ever left. there are many missionaries who dont love thier misssion yet. Its such a blessing and as much as i cant wait to come home, i hope this next year slows down a little bit.

I love you all so much
No puedo expresar la gratitud que tengo por mi familia hermosa,
Elder Nally

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