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English Classes (Week 50)

April 2, 2012

Hello family!!!

It sure sounds like you all had a great time on vacation. I would have to say that this may have been one of the longest weeks i have had in a long time just because there was so many things that happened. also i can say that i have very big news to tell you all. a surprise happened this week that i will inform you about later

I assure you all that the Lord blessed me a lot this week to find a very good doctor and a speedy recovery. i am walking with a perfectly normal toe now and absolutely no pain. The doctor has been practicing for 48 years and did the procedure in 15 minutes. seeing as how we arrived15 minutess early to the appt. i walked out before it ever started. he charged me 30 euros for it and i sent the reciept to the mission office because they are taking care of it all. it was a small miracle that it wwas taken care of in 15 minutes and now im fine. thank you for the help dad.

I have been her for almost 6 weeks now but i came inbetween transfers as an emergency transfer so the actual transfer is the second week in april. i suppose anything could happen but i hope to be here for longer than one transfer. I have absolutely loved my time here so far and though i hate to admit it the mission is officially going really fast.

This week we also had a sort of a miracle happen this week. last week a kid called me on the phone and asked about our english classes we teach. he called right after the classes the week before so i told him that he would have to wait for a week. well i had forgotten completely. The spirit brought to my rememberance that i had told the kid we would meet him in a big plaza here. i honestly did not remember at all but i know the lord placed that thought in my head and on the way to classes we took a detour to wait for the guy. Well he called right at the time he said he would come and we found him and showed him the church. he had no idea we were missionaries or teaching in a church so he was a little surprised but had many questions. he decided he didnt even want to participate in class but just ask questions about the gospel and he loved our message. we watched the joseph smith video and the spirit was so strong. he went away with a smile that he didnt have before. he wasnt able to come to church this week but really wanted to. we will meet him again this week.

We also had a great conference where the President told us a really cool story about how no efforts are wasted in the mission and baptizing even one person can effect millions of people after many years. I learned many things and we went to eat at taco bell with the whole zone. we got many wierd looks there and it was quite a fun experience. Then we came home and prepared for the next day because we recieved some cool news.

This week president told us that we were going to be recieving a new companion. We are now a TRIO!!!!!!!! the fantastic three.

Elder Barahona is from Zaragoza and he is a stud. he has the same time in the mission as elder Lyman and has so much energy all the time. He is really fun to be aroung and he is very excited to work with us here in this area. So here is a picture of him.

Sorry, i have to go but i love you all and i hope you have a good week.

Thinking of you in spain

Elder Nally

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