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“Don’t Judge Me Because I Sin Differently than You¨ (Week 51)

April 2, 2012

Hi Nally Family,

Im doing great! thanks for askin´
I hope you all enjoyed Conference as much as i did. This week was a great week. It went by really fast. That is for sure.
Well this last monday i must say one of the laziest yet funnest pdays of my mission. We stayed in the piso all day and played monopoly that we found in the piso. We played two times. it took like 6 hours. but it sure was a lot of fun (we played the spanish version) My companions dont want to go to Gibraltar untill a lot of people from the zone come so every week i tell them i want to go and every time they refuse. But, I pray that i will be able to convince them to go with me before i have to leave this area.
Tuesday we travled once again to Cadiz for a great District Meeting always followed by Taco Bell. Then we spent the week hunting down people to teach. We set baptism goals with Hasnae and Jose Luis but this week found out that we cant get them married untill   next summer because of legal complications. that is a huge bummer but we will keep teaching them and get them well metted in the church so that the elders here in a year can baptize them.
We ate quite a few times this week with members. When was the last time that you guys had the missionaries over? We sure did enjoy being with them and encouraging them to talk with thier neighbors and friends. This week one of the members that gives us weekly food is moving to Bolivia for a few months. that makes me sad but we were able to serve him quite a bit this week as he prepared his house to move. we carried this huge tv down 4 flights of stairs. that was fun. Its been raining here the last 3 or 4 days.
That was random but i just thought of it. ha ha
We went and played soccer in the rain on saturday morning. it was a lot of fun. It has also been quite an adventure learning how to teach with 3 people. its not the easiest thing to do but we are managing well. im lesarning to be more selective with my words as i have much less time to say what i feel as three of us need to speak equally to those that we teach. I am learning many great things from my new companion. I have had really easy companions till now. Elder Barahona is not a HARD companion, but he is harder that others, so im trying to serve and love him and throught that process im learning much pascience and also quite a bit of spanish. Zaragosa is in the north of spain by barcelona. he is a spaniard but his mom is from honduras.
Well conference sure was amazing and i loved every word of Elder Hollands talk. i felt like it was directed right at me. We all just have to worry ourselves with our own salvacion and not if anyone else has it easier than us. Some of us will work harder in this life than others. But that principle is the saving grace of the Lord. ¨dont judge me because i sin differently than you¨
It was very touching to be with many missionaries and feel the spirit in the room together. Between sessions we made mexican tacos that were phenomenal and then had cheescake between the other. we watched 3 sessions. priesthood, sat afternoon and sunday morning in that order. i was watching the sunday morning session as you all watched it. We had to come to Cadiz to watch it and only saw 3 sessions but it was a very relaxing and uplifting weekend for me. I love you all so much and thought of you often this week. In one year i will be with you again.
Much love from Spain,
Elder Nally
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