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The Drunk Guy at Church (Week 48)

March 16, 2012

Elder Nally said the members kept bringing him cakes!

Hello my dearest loved ones.

What a crazy week youve had. Im glad to hear that everything went well. I had a good week. Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I recieved your letters and the package and it was great getting some physical mail. It has been a while. It randomly came on different days. Brynlees and dads letters were the fastest and tanner and brogans i recieved last. ha ha. I was treated very well by my companion as he baught me a very nice mechanical pencil. And i made 3 or 4 of the recipes you sent mom. I had fettuccini and spinach salad on my birthday and it was glorious. A great gift. I need ziploc bags tho so i can do those awesome omlets in a bag! hah. I have also been recieving many tuppers full of food from the members for my birthday. two made me a cake. some arroz con leche and an awesome potatoe salad. They people here are awesome. Im so content with where i am right now and what they all do for me.

This week we have been running around like crazy and SO many people set appts with us and when we showed up werent there. It hurt our numbers and our confidence a little bit this week. But, we had some great appointments as well and we are ready to baptize Domingo this week. he will be baptized at one oclock this saturday.

So we had a pretty epic church on sunday. Our branch president was sick and he is the one that directs the meeting and plays the piano so he is kind of important. so his uncle directed and then this less active family showed up and he was asked to speak since no one had been asked to speak besides myself a few minutes earlier. well we both threw together talks and the other guy went first. he did a great job and thanked everyone for praying for them and welcoming him and his family back with open arms. when he was finishing a random drunk guy we had talked to showed up and came in. i went to get him and sat him down with my comp and went to talk and he got up after 30 second s and apologized to the congregation for having to leave to help his son with something. i then spoke for 20 minutes and it was a very powerful talk despite the lack of preparation and everyone seemed to be excited for helping us in the work this week. It ended on a good note. and was one of the wierder church meetings of my life.

This week we will be going to Zone Conference in Cadiz. im excited to see some people i know who were recently transfered into our zone. I am also not excited to travel there twice this week ha cuz it costs 20 euros each trip.  If you look on a map. you will be interested to see how far away we are from any other area. we are really aloofed out here. But, its definately the prettiest area i have served in and im loving it here for sure.

Im also super stoked for General Conference coming up in a couple weeks. Its like the missionary super bowl! Im so greatful to have living profets and it seems like that was one of the things i testified of the most this week was how we have living profets. We are so blessed to have them and thier guidance. I love the Mission. Sometimes i dont say it enough in my emails. I absolutely love what im doing here and i encourage you all to pray for and help your missionaries there. Tanner, offer to go help them on some splitz one afternoon. we love it here when the youth come help us for a couple hours.
You know what is so important in this life? that we forget ourselves and take care of everyone around us. Its so sad to see people who want to change thier lives but dont do the small things just because of a little bit of pride. If we can just serve others all the time, we lose site of the things we want that we dont need and we start to see better the light of the world who is our savior Jesus Christ Mos. 2:17. King Benjamins dying testimony is so strong. a true leader is a person that gets dirty and serves the people he leads. Love Compassion and Hope. These are the things the Lord taught us to do. We can all be a little better this week. Lets do our best to love everyone and let them know it.
I sure do love you all and thank you for the thoughts and prayers.

Your missionary,
Elder Nally

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