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Taco Bell? (Week 47)

March 5, 2012

Hey Y´all!

 It sure sounds like you all had great week! Im excited for all of the things you get to do and that you are enjoying life.
Im writing you from San Fernando today. Its an area in my Zone and we all came together here to play basketball and go to pizza hut! its been a fun day. we will be staying the night tonight here and having a joint district meeting tomorrow and then we will go home. my hope is that your letters and packages are all there when i get home. We left way to early this morning so i will miss two days of mail. Im sure ill get it this week. (dont worry about the address error.)
Well I sure had a great week. I was surprised to read all your emails and realize my birthday is in 3 days. I had honestly forgotten. The work here has been growing as we had another super tiring week. me and elder lyman have worn ourselves out but the Lord sure is blessing us for it. We had many powerful spiritual lessons this week and are going to baptize our investigator Domingo on the 17th. at 1:00. You can all keep him in your prayers but he is SOLID and super excited to be baptized. He is Spanish and 37 years old. he works on the Port here. and he studies welding. He is pretty cool. I took pictures. we will see if i can get them on here. I get to see the ocean everyday here and the people are super cool. Our Branch President feeds us every sunday and he served his mission in england. he was in whales and there is a family in the branch from there too. the mom was baptized 15 years ago but was investigating for a long time. her name is Mandy. Dad you should send me a list of your areas because im sure they would be familiar with them. We have a muslim couple here who left thier religion and became cristians and then found the church and were baptized they are some of the coolest people i have ever met. I love this Branch here. there are canadians and bolivians and mexicans and brazilians and many spaniards.
This week i got kind of dehydrated. it stinks cuz our water is undrinkable so we have to buy it and 9 liters is hard to carry with all the other groceries and honestly i need more than that. So i took it easy this weekend and got really nauseous so we took a couple hour break so i could rest. im feeling up to par now but super tired since we just finished 3 hours of basketball. Brogan, you would be proud of how i played today.
Hmm what else, I expect some prom pictures next monday then.  I hope you guys have a great time. We are trying to find some youth here because there are only young kids and adults. not very much youth.
I honestly dont know what else to tell you this week. ext week we are going to go to gibralter i think. im excited for that. OOOOOOOOO the coolest thing about our district here is that in cadiz one of spains 3 taco bells is in the mall so we eat there every week. oh how i missed it……mmmmmmmmm
Well I love you all! thanks for the birthday wishes. Try not to remind me about the year thing. technically i have over a year left to go.
Love you all!!!!!
kisses and hugs to everyone please.
your the best
Elder Nally
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