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Algeciras (Week 46)

February 27, 2012
Mi querida familia,
Buenos Dias! how are you all doing? I hope you all had a great week. I had a very busy one that went very fast and was a great change for me. We got here to Algeciras last monday night after driving all our stuff down with the APs. We threw our things in the apartment and ran down the street to our capilla, (we live really close to it) and we met our branch president and his wife and our branch mission leader (its awesome to have one of those) and a recent convert who is serving as a branch missionary. They were all very excited to see us since they have been without missionaries since last transfer. This is the best branch ive been in in my whole mission. full of active strong members excited about missionary work and willing to help us. President Viñas served his mission in the England something mission. He served in Brussels and Liverpool for a long time. He and his wife are very young and have one very cute daughter that is not even one year old yet. Presidents uncle Pepe is our mission leader and is fantastic and very willing to help us out. Im so excited to actually have members to include in the missionary work. He owns a Press and is a very smart man. His daughter is getting married this month so he is super busy but still taking time out of his schedule for us. Rafy is a recent convert and an older spanish lady. she also has a fire in her for missionary work and has already helped bring a friend into the gospel. There were 20 baptisms in this branch last year and they are hoping to become a ward this year. There are a lot of Bolivians in this city and we have many bolivian members. They make us food all the time. i think i ate 9 times this week since last wednesday when they found out we got into town. They are awesome. (bolivian food is spicy)
Me and Elder Lyman have been a little lost honestly. Niether of us know the area and we rely heavily on our map and even sometimes thats not enough but we got a lot done in the first week and are excited for an even better full week. (this week was a huge holiday called carnaval that impeded us a little) We dont have a lot of investigators to start with so we will be asking a lot of references from the members but the one we do have is golden and ready to be baptised. His name is Domingo and his girlfriend is Mexican and a member. He is from here and they met online and she told him where the church is and told him to check it out. he has come for the last 5 weeks and loves it but couldnt be baptizzed yet because there werent missionaries. But give us a week and a half and he will be ready. 
What is your apartment like?  Where is your apartment located?
Our apartment is awesome. Its way modern looking and has a sweet view from the balcony. I will take pictures today. 
Its on a hill and the buildings around it are no larger than 3 stories. we are on the 7th story and so, we can see all of the city. Including the ocean, gibralter, and africa! Its in the dead center of town and close to our church so its really in one of the best locations except we have to climb a steep hill everyday to get home…..

 What is the ward/branch like?  How many members are there in your area?

there are a ton of members but sometimes 25 come and sometimes 60 come. The problem is that people come and go so much. i think we had 3o something in church this week. But there are a lot of inactives that need to be reactivated. We definately will be busy the whole time we are here. The actual transfer is next week. Both elder lyman and i are assuming we are staying here since we just got here. but i guess anything could happen.

We will probably be going to gibralter next week for pday which will be really cool. Im excited for that. There is a lot of morrocan influence here so there are many muslims and bolivians here along with all the native spaniards. Im excited to serve here and learn a little bit of arabic. I already know how to say “love”
TO answer your question from a few weeks ago the instruments are little models that José Manuel and his family gave to me in Badajoz. That was a picture of my side table drawer after i had put them up in antequera.
Well i love you all and will send some pictures next week.
love you
Elder Nallyps. yes i got letters and pictures from mom in antq. thank you so much!

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