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Smelling the Flowers and White Washing (Week 45)

February 20, 2012

Well, Another week has flown by,

Thank you all for your emails.
It sounds like your all doing good.
Except dad, your way too stressed out man,
take a chill pill. Our mission president always tells us to not stress out
he says just smell the flowers. Life is one that makes its self so busy with tons of little things and we have to learn to balance it well and just enjoy it.
I hope that at least being busy in work is a good sign.
Well this week i write you from……….Antequera, well im still here but we are leaving today at 3 oclock. We are going to a city called Algeciras. 5 points to whoever says that right. Myself and Elder Lyman are going there as there arnt any missionaries there right now and that area needs elders a lot more than Antequera right now so we are doing a little thing called WHITE WASHING: that means that we have no prior knowledge because neither of us know the area or the people or anything so it should be a challenge and its definately one that i am up to.
If you look algeciras up im sure you will find many cool things. One of the best parts is that The Rock of Gibralter is in our area. That is a British Province and thus, I have now served in spain portugal and (yes dad this ones for you) england!!!!! Im excited. We will go there for Pday and hike the mountain. (its full of monkeys)
Im stoked for that. So this whole week.
Well we had a really bad day on tuesday that seems like a really long time ago but every lesson we had plans on backed out on us and we had a random cold front blow through again so we passed the night in the streets talking with people that couldnt stop even if they wanted too. Then on Wednesday we went down to malaga for a amazing zone conference. and President Clegg taught us an amazing lesson about being more consecrated missionaries. Goal that i took from the lesson: I need to study harder and plans lessons better. I am horrible about planning scriptures into the lessons and they are so important. i have been really studying this this week and found a new love for the scriptures again as i studied more by topic this week.
While we were at conference, President leaned over my and elder lymans shoulder and told us that we are white washing algeciras and we are leaving…in 5 days! so we spent the remainder of the weeks cleaning out our piso. (its really old and the church was going to move us out anyway cuz its so disgusting) so we went all spring cleaning on it and now EVERYTHING is packed or in the trash and some couple missionaries from the office (that came on the plane with me from the states) came to help us out and take mission stuff back to the office. The massaros are from saint george and thier job is to make sure our pisos and ourselves are all clean and healthy.
Today the Aps are coming with a van to pick us up and we will be driving down the coast can anyone say ROADTRIP!!! Its going to be way fun. So thats all that happened this week. The members are obviously a little sad to not have missionaries here but the Lord needs us in a different place and President promised to reopen it when we have more elders in the mission. So we will see what lies ahead of us in ALGECIRAS!!!!
So honestly I dont have a lot of great stories this week because most of it was in the piso. Me and Elder Lyman get a long great. He is teaching me how to draw and build my own computer and in turn i am teaching him to play the guitar and solve a rubiks cube. NEXT PDAY WILL BE AWESOME: unfortunately i dont have lots of time to practice today. I know you probably wanted better stuff than that when you asked what hes teaching me but thats the first thing that came to mind. Ha ha honestly everyone of my companions has been really easy to get along with. I think College and living with a roomate before the mission was great preparation….i suggest it to all who leave for a mission.
But, With elder Lyman specifically Im learning to yield to my companion and his revelation a lot more because if i dont stop talking, he wont take over so i have to be a lot more concious of that when we teach. most of my companions would jump in when the felt the spirit or i had talked more than a minute or two but Elder Lyman is a lot more shy and i have to be a lot more concious of how long i talk in the lessons. its really good though because im learning how to be more unified in my teaching with the companion and our lessons (the few we have had) are amazing and really powerful lessons.
So what about Grandpa Hinkle and Grandma Gilliland. did anyone send a saludo to them from me. I hope they are doing good and i wish Grandma Gilliland a happy birthday.
So thats way cool and also scary that prom has already rolled around. I have great memories from those dates. Enjoy yourselves and send pictures. those are my two commandments. so i look back on antequera…
I know that the Lord taught me many things here and unfortunately i kind of feel like antequera was more for me than i was for her. But, I know that i planted a LOT of seeds here and hope to return some day and sit in on a huge ward sacrament meeting.
I love you all and am so excited to hit the ground running tonight in Algeciras.
I send you my love
Elder Nally
Pictures next week. vale?
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  1. Grandma Gilliland/Henkel permalink
    February 22, 2012 11:52 am

    Thanks for the birthday wish – I wish I hadn’t had so many of them so I could live it all over again. Today is 14 years since your Grandpa died – look how much has happened since then – I can only imagine how much has happened on the other side. I love you Trevor and am so impressed with all you can do. Grandma G.

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