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Obedience -> Knowledge (Week 44)

February 16, 2012

Hola Buenos Dias,

 How is my dear family doing I hope that you are all doing well and that Dad and Kaitlyn feel better. I love you all and am always very happy to recieve your letters and hear that your all doing well. This week was rough. We had a lot of people fall of of the map and we couldnt get in contact with the majority of our invesitigators. That was a bit of a bummer but we kept working through it and came out with some posative attitudes. The transfers are on the 7th of March so we are now halfway through this transfer and i might spend my birthday with someone i dont know but that will be alright. I would send stuff quick if you want it to get to me here.
This week we went to a little pueblo town that takes 5 minutes to walk across. its called Campillos and we went to visit some investigators whose children are members and live in utah. They are from equador and have long hair and speak spanish and some tribal indian language. They are jungle people. Its really cool. Thier house smells wierd but after we started the lesson and showed a video about Joseph Smith, the spirit was so strong and their house transformed. We wrapped up and left so they could continue feeling the difference between that spirit and the normal state of thier home. Then the bus didnt come on the scheduled time and by a miracle, we found a different bus who called antequera bus station and sent a bus for us. we got home way later than planned and it took up most of our day but it was a blessing in disguise and a testimony that the lord is watching out for us.
While we were knocking doors this week these two punk kids were following us and yelling while we were trying to talk to people. They told us we were bothering people and werent wanted there so i turned to them and told them to leave us alone. That we are servants of God and are blessing the lives of thier neighbors. They threatened to fight us so we left that building and they left us alone. It makes me sad to see people like that that dont understand and ruin this life for other people. We found a few muslim guys from Senegal that are really cool. They said they would come to church next week but its a hard situation because you cant leave the muslim church without putting your life in danger. so….i dont know how it will all work out but if god wills it then maybe these young men will find the true path. We made this really neat object lesson this week that might be of use to you all if anyone needs it for a class or something. We drew a really intrecate picture of the beach with pirate ships and a guy stranded on an island. jumping dolphins and birds and missage in a bottle. seaturtle and anything else we could thing of. Then you show this picture to people for 20 seconds and then they have to draw it from memory completely how it is in the origional. The trick is is that no one can ever do it perfectly and so then you can teach about the apostasy and how christ put the origional picture in the earth again and all other churches look similar but arnt the origional copy. Its a really fun lesson for kids.
I taught Gospel Doctrine this week and the lesson was about testimony. I found a very interesting model on how to gain a testimony
Desire -> Prayer -> Faith -> Study -> Obedience -> Knowledge
It helped me understand how we can strengthen out testimonies and how if we just do what we are asked to do they will grow on thier own. I love this gospel and am so happy to be serving the Lord. I think about you all often and i hope you know how much i love you all. I pray that you do and wish you another great week.
Que Dios Les Bendiga,
Elder Nally
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