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Welcome Elder Lyman (Week 43)

January 30, 2012

January 30, 2012

Hey there my beautiful family,

How are you all doing? I thank you all for your sweet emails this week. I am glad to hear that you are all doing well. Brogan and Dad. I wish you a very happy Belated birthday. I wish i could say that i sent you both letters in the mail this week but as many times as i thought about is we kept ourselves so busy this week. I love you both so much and hope that all of your wildesst dreams came true. I will write you both letters today and send them in the mail.

Well i guess i will start by answering your questions…

What is your companion like?  Where is he from?  Are you getting along well and working well together? Elder Lyman is awesometastic. He is from Riverside, CA and is my first californian companion. He has moved around a lot but spent all but three years (in utah) in california in different parts towards the south. He is like 5´10´´  about 200 lbs. and im quoting him here “tell them im completely ripped and i beat people up just for fun” ha ha We get along great. and we work very well together. He is super chill. Easy going and he has 3 months in the mission more than i do. He just had his hump day (the year mark) and his spanish is great. Ive really enjoyed getting to know him the last few days. He is super smart and knows a lot about computers and he even built his own from scratch. He went to BYU-I the two semesters right before i did and then he was preparing for the mission while i was there. So we talk about school a lot. he is the 6th of 8 siblings and most of them are married. His brother is serving in the Texas Dallas mission right now.

What is the weather like in Antequera right now?  How was your week this week?  Anyone to teach?

Its about 45 degrees and sunny right now and has been around that all week. 49 is the high today and it gets down to 30s at night so our piso is pretty cold. Some occasional wind makes it feel worse. iguess you have better weather that me right now and its night time and your all asleep so ha. enjoy that 70s weather. This week was super awesome. we taught more lessons we found more people. the numbers are still extremely low that other areas but we worked really hard and hopefully we found some people that will let us come teach them. Its been cold and weve been in the streets so i bundel up with a sweater and long sleeves during the day and a big coat and scarf and gloves when it gets dark. We found a couple people this week that said the were interested in learning about us so we will see if the become new investigators this week. We are teaching Kofi still and he is progressing and getting closer. the only problem is that he wants to know EVERYTHING before getting baptized and so we are trying to teach him about urgency and getting him to take that leap of faith. hoping to set a baptismal date with him this week.

How are your spirits in this new area?  Are you having a harder time because it is a harder area?  Are you happy 🙂 ??  Just things that moms worry about.
My spirits are great still. I love talking to people even when they are just jerks and make fun of us and close us out. They are SOOOO catholic here its not even funny but for that reason i enjoy contacting. they are so funny sometimes kissing thier statues and paintings and telling us they only beleive in Jesus and the Virgen and nothing else ha ha. They worship Mary almost as much as Jesus. Im not down. Its hard but i know that if im obedient and keep working hard that the Lord will bless me. I can already see there being one or two baptisms here at the rate we are going this week and we are just going to work even harder this week. Im so happy. I read Johns email today and i honestly feel the exact same way. There is nothing better to do than smell the roses and realize im serving the Lord and he is helping us. Dont worry about that. I will continue to be happy and excited about the work no matter where i go.

What are you eating?  Are you still cooking a lot?
I just make new stuff all the time. I made Elder Lyman tacos and salsa the other day and a really good cheesy pasta yesterday. Beef strogonauf…however you spell that. Barbaque pork on rice. Chicken ala Coca-Cola that Elder Mendoza taught me how to make and its delicious. I made a salad the other day that turned out really good with a pepper lemon dressing. I made french toast and pancakes (thanks for the mapeline grandma) I still would like dads mashed taters recipe. i found some gravy packets that im anxious to use. If you want to send me recipes for foods that you always made at home. I would LOVE that. So yes…I still cook. Every Day.

Do you know how much we love you here at home 🙂 ?

I do and I am so greatfull to you all. Do you know hove much i love you here in SPAIN???

Did you still want me to try to get those DvDs you mentioned wanting a couple of weeks ago?  If so, what language?  Just regular spanish or were the videos you had for use in Spain? Yes i would love them. They should just come in english and be able to have the language options on there. I just had an english copy. we changed the settings everytime we put it on. There just the regular ones.

So this week was a lot of talking to people. There was this one lady that didnt want anything from us and she wouldnt open the door so i just talked to her through the door and she was really rude so we just left her with a passalong card in her door. But when we left she was screaming at us and came out of the house to get the card and she came out and asked us what it was all discusted and we just said its a Jesus Card ha ha and she flipped out and tried to get us to come take it back but she scared us so we didnt dare go near her. She watch us go all the way down and then back up that street and when we got close again showed us a picture of one of the Santos of the Catholic church and said it was better. Then she showed us a card of the Virgen Mary and she kissed it. We were laughing about it all afternoon. She was legitamately crazy.

We also found a guy that was doing drugs and he was scared by us cuz he thought we were police and ran way from us. it was pretty funny.

I have been reading up untill 4th nefi this week and its amazing all of the great things that the Lord teaches us in 3rd nefi. And then the people just forget him again after a few hundred years. I know that we are the same and will forget him if we arnt constantly doing things to help us to remember him. Remember to study the scriptures everyday and pray to him for his help. I love you all and have another great week.
Elder Nally



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